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Lieutenant Parker Barnes is a former police officer sentenced to imprisonment for killing innocent bystanders in his relentless pursuit of the serial killer who murdered his family. Barnes now helps law enforcement by volunteering to investigate a virtual reality computer program designed for a serial killer. When an assassin program escapes in the real world, Barnes is recruited to track it down and bring it back to the VR world before it can do any damage. But if Barnes discovers that the profile of the serial killer who murdered his family is part of a computer program, what effect will that have on the psyche of the former police officer?

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In the Los Angeles of the future, Lieutenant Parker Barnes (Denzel Washington) and John Donovan (Costas Mandylor) follow a serial killer named SID 6.7 (Russell Crowe) in a virtual reality program. SID stands for Sadistic, Intelligent, Dangerous. It’s a virtual reality that brings together some of the most brutal serial killers in history. The SID is ahead of schedule and shocks Donovan, killing him in the VR as well as in the real world. The VR programme is supervised by Commissioner Elizabeth Dean (Louise Fletcher) and her assistant William Wallace (William Fichtner), although it was developed by Dr Darrell Lindenmayer (Steven Spinella). After Donovan’s death, Dean Lindenmeyer orders the project to be completed. Barnes goes back to the real world and goes to his cell. Barnes is a former police officer in prison for the murder of political terrorist Matthew Grimes, who murdered Parker’s wife and daughter. When Barnes killed Grimes, he accidentally killed innocent bystanders. As a result, Barnes was convicted and sentenced to prison terms ranging from seventeen years to life imprisonment. Barnes voluntarily took part in a VR simulation to increase the chance that he would come out of the closet when he was seventeen.

Barnes’ law enforcement experience has made him unpopular in prison. He fights with another prisoner named Big Red (Gordon Jennison Noyce). As a result, Barnes is forced to meet with criminal psychologist Dr. Madison Carter (Kelly Lynch). Meanwhile, Lindenmeier informs the SID that he has been instructed to stop his program because the SID has tampered with the fuse. SID suggested to Mr Lindenmeyer that he move on to the next phase of VR and try to bring the VR programme into the real world. Lindenmeyer convinces another employee, Clyde Riley (Kevin J. O’Connor), that virtual reality prostitute Sheila 3.2 (Heidi Schantz) can be brought back to life. Lindenmeyer replaces the Sheila 3.2 module with the SID 6.7 module. Clyde accidentally wakes up the SID, which kills Clyde immediately. Lindenmeyer escapes from the lab and hides while SID starts exploring the world around him.

When the company hears that SID has escaped to the real world, Dean and LAPD leader William Cochran (William Forsythe) Barnes offer a deal. When Barnes takes SID prisoner and brings him back to the world of virtual reality, he is released from prison. Barnes takes the deal and helps Carter with his investigation. They soon discover that Grimes’ identity is part of the SID programme, making the manhunt even more personal for Barnes.

At the same time, SID goes to the media room of the local nightclub, where they take the club’s clients hostage. Barnes and Carter go to a nightclub to stop SID, but the murder program escaped. However, SID learns that it can resist damage and repair itself by using glass as a restorative material. The next day, SID starts killing in the Olympic Auditorium until Barnes arrives to take him out. They’re facing each other on the platform. SID is holding another man hostage, and witnesses in the neighborhood seem to think that Barnes killed the hostage to get to SID. Barnes is suspended from the investigation, and law enforcement is preparing to take him back to prison.

Carter doesn’t believe Barnes would kill an innocent man to prove his innocence. At the same time, SID seized Barnes’ vehicle and released the former police officer before he could go to prison. SID escapes and Barnes is charged with his own escape. Wallace and Dean order Barnes to shut down his company with a security transmitter implanted in him. However, Cochran destroys the transmitter after learning from Carter that Barnes didn’t kill the hostage on the rig.

Meanwhile, the SWAT team kidnaps Carter’s daughter, Karin (Kaley Cuoco), and takes control of the television studio. Lindenmeyer comes out of custody and sees what SID’s doing. The programmer is impressed by what he achieves with his creation. But Carter’s taking Lindenmeyer hostage to free his daughter. Barnes follows SID on the roof of the studio building. Two fights, but SID won’t reveal Karen’s whereabouts. Barnes destroys the SID, and they put it back in the VR world. They come up with a plan to trick SID into revealing Karine’s whereabouts, forcing SID to defeat Barnes in VR World. The SID will continue when he finds out he’s been put back in the coffin. Cochran frees Carter from VR reality, but Lindenmeyer kills Cochran before he can free Barnes from the SID world. Barnes suffers the same shock as Donovan at the beginning of the film, but Carter kills Lindenmeyer and saves Barnes.

Barnes and Carter return to the roof of the TV studio building and find me hidden in the water tower. However, SID undermined me in such a way that Barnes can’t get her out without killing her. When the bomb starts ticking, Barnes overwrites the SID and releases them from the bomb. After the rescue, Karin Barnes destroyed the SID program.

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