The teaser was broadcast on Christmas Eve 2020 for an action project that turned out to be warm and strangely familiar because it contained some of the distinguishing features of Die Hard.

First we fell out of nowhere on Christmas Eve, as if Hans’ trigger was a pencil line on Die Hard’s bingo card, and then we found the exact words on Twitter: It’s 10 a.m. in Tokyo on Christmas Eve. Some habits die hard… Old habits are harder.

Why is this so important? Because the famous scenario of Die Hard 6, Die Hard – Old Habits, is set in Tokyo.

Three Twitterers, whom we’ll talk about later, simultaneously placed a trailer with exactly the same text.

This old custom seems to be an amalgam of three exciting action animals. A combination of the scenario of Die Hard – Old Habits, the novel Old Habits and the sadly missing 2007 McClain : Hard 24/7 television show from the 70’s,8 written by British author Ben Trebilcook.

Despite the holidays we contacted Trebilcook to ask him about the show and some other questions about old habits.

CMAU: McClain: Die Hard 24/7 seems interesting. Can you tell us more about this? You wrote this in 2007, didn’t you?

Ben Trebilcook: I did. Back then, some friends worked at Fox’s FX. FX has given very good shows and I have been to their office many times. I’ve had a few meetings with their top people about a series I wrote called McClain: That Hard 24/7.  It focuses on the young John McClane, who became a New York City police officer in 1977, his family and how he met his wife Holly, against the backdrop of what happened in New York and the world at the time, and with an opening and closing story that will hopefully be delivered by Bruce Willis. Over time, we developed it further and agreed that it was ahead of its time. Some people thought McClain shouldn’t be a hero as a rookie cop, which is absolutely true, he didn’t have to and he wasn’t. Then it was done when the NYPD entered the good years with action in each series, but not necessarily with the character of the McClan.

UAMC Interview: Ben Trebilcook on Old Habits (Die Hard)

CMAU: Were there any other signs of Die Hard?

Ben Trebilcook: Holly, of course, and we had a young Samuel L. Jackson who started his electronics business and what made him what he was. There was an episode with a very young Argyle. I have family and friends in the NYPD, and they’ve been very helpful.

CMAU: What happened to him?

Ben Trebilcook: That’s a good question. I should have insisted. A number of objectives have been achieved in the United States and Europe. It’s still gonna be a great show. The first episode takes place during a terrifying solar eclipse in 1977. Every crime imaginable happened that night, and McClain was at the center of it. Many of these episodes ended up in my novel Old Habits.

Those hard movie reviews, from the worst to the best.

CMAU: Who were we talking about when we were young McClain?

Ben Trebilcook: Devon Sawa and Ben McKenzie.

CMAU: So, a summary of the Die Hard – Old Habits scenario. John McClane was invited to Tokyo by the Nakatomi Corporation to congratulate him on surviving the first film, wasn’t it?

Ben Trebilcook: Basically.

CMAU: And he’s taking Zeus Carver?

Ben Trebilcook: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

CMAU: That makes sense. I mean you two went through a traumatic period together. I noticed they kept in touch. We know from other cats that there are other characters and that there are a lot of Yakuza, right?

Ben Trebilcook: It is of course a tribute to the first, but also to my love for the fighters from the Far East, especially those from Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Korea. It is installed in a smart building in the Nakatomi Grand Plaza. A Westerner like McClain can no longer be a fish from water, from customs and culture, from technology and weapons. It’s full of beans. It was planned for the thirtieth birthday, but it could have been honoured before the thirtieth or fortieth birthday. The older McClain is, the more reticent he is, the higher the stakes and the greater the stress. He has to do what he thinks is right.

UAMC Interview: Ben Trebilcook on Old Habits (Die Hard)

CMAU: So this script became an original novel in Old Habits?

Ben Trebilcook: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. There are several reasons why it should have appeared in book form quickly, resulting in some editing errors in some formats. However, the German version (Sterben Langsam) is very good, ironically enough.

CMAU: And what can you tell me about old habits?

Ben Trebilcook: I got a call from Brian Trainor, a great producer and director, who asked me if anyone was interested in my book and if he could do anything with it. I said no one’s tied up, but if you want to do something, you have to find a great actor named Jeremy Sand first. Brian knew about Jeremy and the three of us became good friends and I let them do what they wanted.

This Bruce Willis seems to want to play a young John McClane.

CMAU: The teaser is very nice and looks like a Die Hard film. Is it the sand’s turn to receive Joe Brady?

Ben Trebilcook: Joe Brady, right.

CMAU: So, your original characters, but who’s who if they’re Die Hard fans?

Ben Trebilcook: I’m sure they can see that.

UAMC Interview: Ben Trebilcook on Old Habits (Die Hard)

CMAU: And is it just a trailer or a movie or a short film?

Ben Trebilcook: It should be a big project, based on my novel Old Habits.

CMAU: OK.  So, we’ll eventually see the old Die Hard habits, maybe that can make what Disney or even Willis heads spin?

Ben Trebilcook: Stranger things have happened, look at the year 2020!

The time limit on Die Hard…

CMAU: The McClain Show would now be a good Disney + show for them. Thank you for your time and we wish you a Happy New Year 2021.

Ben Trebilcook: Thanks, guys. Have a good trip.

In Old Habits Joe Brady plays his first piece as a policeman of New York City during the blackout of 1977. 40 years later, like McClane in the scenario of Die Hard, he travels with Janus (Zeus) to Tokyo and meets just about all kinds of gangsters, from petty thieves to motorcyclists and oyabun-yakuza bosses. Add to that some famous Europeans who want revenge and you get a great action movie.

Over the years we have learned from other articles about the scenario of Die Hard Trebilcook that the Grubers return as the grandfather of Frederick Gruber, Hans’ father, and Philip Gruber, Hans’ son. Trebilcook once said that Schwarzenegger would be a great villain, but who could be Hans’ son?

The Old Habits teaser below.

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