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The Poltergeist Diaries is a 2021 horror film about a man named Jacob Taylor who disappears without a trace after settling in an isolated cabin. Based on the videos he leaves behind, his family, friends and a detective try to find answers to the strange events happening around him.

Drehbuchautor und Regisseur Jozsef Gallai (“The Whispering Man” ; “Spirits in the Dark” ; “Moth” ; “Guide to Killing an Ex” ; “Bodom”), Produktionsstars Gepifilms-Elex Pictures : Andras Kortsmaros (“The Whispering Man”), Kata Kuna, Eric Roberts (“The Evil Within Her” ; “Black Awakening” ; “Slaughterhouse in a Sorority” ; u.a.) und Peter Inoka.

Andras Korcsmaros as Jacob Taylor.


In The Poltergeist Diaries, Jacob Taylor (András Kortsmaros) says at one point, “They wanted me to laugh when I wanted to cry.”

Jacob is trying to explain why he recently gave up not only his job, but the closeness of his girlfriend and family, and retreated to a remote house in the middle of the woods. And really, who can’t understand how Jacob feels? We have all been in that situation. We all felt that we were expected to conform to an arbitrary standard and that our honest feelings were not welcome. Not everyone chose to isolate and isolate themselves, but there is probably no one reading this who has not been tempted at some point.

We learn a lot about Jacob in “The Poltergeist Diaries.” We learn that he was always a bit of an outsider. He was a researcher, a brilliant student who wrote stories and made movies, and who always seemed to be looking for a hidden truth. We learn that he was also very close to his mother. In fact, it was his declining health that would have led James to leave the city and move to the countryside. He got a big house for an incredibly low price. He often filmed himself walking in the woods around his new home. He saw things in the woods and heard things in the house.

Of course, the most important thing we find out about Ben is that he is missing. The film opens with the statistic that thousands of people go missing in the United States every year, and only 15% of them are found alive. Jacob Taylor is one of the missing, and no one knows if the lucky 15% are among them.

Kata Kuna as Kimberly Blake

The Poltergeist Diaries is presented as a documentary, with interviews with people who knew Jacob and video footage of Jacob himself in the woods and in his home. They include Jacob’s girlfriend (Kata Kuna) and brother (Peter Inoka), as well as a police inspector (David Fechske) who has his own reasons for taking an interest in Jacob’s mysterious disappearance. Eric Roberts even makes a brief appearance in the role of Jacob’s stepfather, who apologizes. As I’ve said several times, any movie with Eric Roberts is automatically better than any other.

Eric Roberts as John McBride.

It’s a really scary movie that makes good use of the fake documentary format. (Jacob is a frustrated artist, which is why he keeps filming while the house gets scarier and scarier). The first part of the film is dominated by interviews with people who knew Jacob and are haunted by his disappearance. When the film changes and shows us footage of Jacob in the house and in the woods, the viewer is certainly ready to find out what happened.

András Korcsmaros plays Jakob in such an unstable way that you can’t help but wonder if he’s really encountering something supernatural or if he’s allowing himself to be isolated. He is at his best when he is trying to express his feelings. His portrayal captures Jacob’s desperation and makes him a fascinating character, both sympathetic and mysterious. You never feel comfortable with Jacob, but you always hope for the best for him.

Visually, director Jozef Gallai succeeds well in creating and maintaining a dark and unsettling atmosphere. The forest around Jacob’s house is ominous because it seems to stretch endlessly, and it is very easy to imagine that someone (or something) could be hiding behind any tree. The idea makes you uneasy, and every time James came out, I expected an attack. The inside of the house is just as scary as the dark hallways and menacing shadows. It’s a film that allows you to detect any sign of unexpected or mysterious movement.

This makes it an effective, intense and dreamy horror film that offers a series of effective scary jumps in the last fifteen minutes. The Poltergeist Diaries is a film that will inspire you to look at every shadow and jump over every bump in the night. It is a very scary movie. Don’t just watch it.

Lisa Marie Bowman, guest critic via Broken Lens.

Peter Inoka as Ben Taylor.

Other exams :

“If you’ve managed to understand yourself well enough to love his attitude of discovery and the intriguing mystery inherent in his parodic approach, all you have to do is hold back for a few minor indiscretions. Fans of found footage and mockumentary-style will particularly appreciate this site….Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation.”

“… Joseph Gallai allows tension and unease to emerge. Speaking of character development, we get to know every aspect of Jacob’s life and psyche even before the film begins, and we get a sense of isolation and vulnerability. Definitely one to keep an eye on…” Road Traffic Reviews

“Mockingjay / Found Footage is a hybrid that, unlike many films in its genre, places great importance on structure and thus manages to put everything in place from the first act, giving meaning to everything that follows, and with meaning comes suspense and anticipation.” Going through my trash

“What haunts this house is not a poltergeist, despite the name. While we don’t know exactly what’s going on, ghosts seem more conventional in nature. But that doesn’t stop The Poltergeist Diaries from being overtly scary. The film doesn’t rely on panic attacks, although there are a few towards the end. Instead, it creates a sinister atmosphere and lets the viewer feel it as it unfolds.” Voice from the balcony

The actors and characters:

Andras Korksmaros… Jacob Taylor-Kata
Kuna… Kimberly Blake Eric
Roberts… John McBride…
Peter Inoka… Ben Taylor-John Wangdal Aamas… Dane Brozniak.
David Feske… Detective Joshua TrottAnita Toot… Lena BlomkvistLaura
Ellen Wilson… Alicia Blake-Shawn
Michael Clanky… Detective Vincent Munro – Ghosts in the Dark; Cicada!; Basement…
Hergo Elekes… Nathan Brooks…
Emes Nagyabony… Margaret Black…
Peter Crenaz… Randy Black.
Zsófia Gallai… Helen BlomqvistLaura
Saxon… Emily Trott.
Charice Monet… Iris Palmer-Shawn
C. Phillips… Die Stimme der Notrufzentrale…

Shooting Locations:

Nemetbanya, Veszprém and Zirk, Hungary.

Technical details :

75 minutesPicture size
: 1.85 : 1Audio :
Dolby Stereo


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