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‘The Flash’ Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: ‘All Doll’d Up’

‘The Flash’ Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: ‘All Doll’d Up’

It’s time to reunite The Flash after two weeks without ! This episode, called All Doll’d Up, introduced us to methamphetamine, which was a terrible tingling in the spine. Okay, let’s leave the puns to the pros.

When The Flash started this week, we saw Barry and Iris discussing Nora, who was still avoiding them. A break-in at an art museum interrupts their conversation, and Barry is going to save them. They notice that there is another person when Nora appears, but she interrupts Iris’ power supply before she receives the information. Because she doesn’t get any help, the villager’s engine hit almost innocent pedestrians.

‘The Flash’ Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: ‘All Doll’d Up’


Iris and Barry blame Nora for ignoring them, and she blames Iris for constantly harassing her. Barry tries to remind Nora that Iris is not the person Nora will know in the future, but she doesn’t listen.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Flash team is still busy finding Thomas Snow. Sisko is able to swing from the clues Caitlin developed from the game they played. They found out he was working with Professor Stein at Hudson University.

Cecile is tired of Nora’s attitude towards Iris. She tells him that she has to help him with the baby project to get information about Barry, who is not in the museum. Nora tries to help with her skills, but because she didn’t have the necessary screws, she breaks down.

In a class at Hudson University, Cisco shakes again and discovers that Thomas was studying ovulation. The team decided they were looking for Kiona, who was considered the snow goddess. You realize he probably knew about Frost, the killer. You’ll find a link to the Faith Lab, which has since been abandoned.

In another robbery, this time the thief takes an expensive necklace designed for the bride-to-be, which encourages Iris and Barry to work together. They’re working on tracks when Barry gets an emergency call at the Seaver Architecture building. He notices a thief who can cheat himself in some other way and somehow lock himself in the vents. Barry is able to take the architect out of the building just as he was destroyed by the bomb.

‘The Flash’ Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: ‘All Doll’d Up’


Fortunately, Barry can now understand that a person’s fingerprints can also spread because his methamphetamine can spread. Peter Merkle is their methamphetamine, and he was arrested for burglary two years ago. His mother is very rich and she’s giving a charity party that night. Barry tells Iris to go out with him… on a date… at work, of course.

In Vera’s lab, the team finds a clue that seems to lead them to Tannhauser, another link to Caitlin’s mother. While arguing whether they should see this, Sisko grabs the badge they have in their hands and eventually they throw a fit.

Meanwhile, at the gala, Iris asks questions to Therese Merkle, who is very cold and unfriendly when she talks about her son. Iris is starting to worry that the mother she is is just like Iris. Barry tries to distract her from her worries by inviting her to dance, unaware of the fact that Peter Merkle will be in the shadows.

Back in the lab, Caitlin points out that the remains of the dark matter from the dagger of the cicada wound Sisko every time he tries to vibrate. She’s afraid he’s gonna get hurt because he tried to help her. Sisko told him he didn’t want the cicada to take more from him than he already had. Caitlin reminds her that she only needs him to be herself, thus once again proving the friendship we all know and love.

After her dance, Iris Barry admits that he wonders if he can be a mother. He doesn’t think she’ll end up like Teresa Merkle. He assures her that she can make the decision to change what happens in the future. While they’re talking, Iris starts thinking about something and lets Barry know she’ll follow him home.

‘The Flash’ Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: ‘All Doll’d Up’


Cécile tells Nora the story of young Barry, omitting some important points so that Nora doesn’t understand what she means by Iris. When Nora makes her understand that Barry wasn’t in the phone book, Cecile tells her to focus on what her mother is now, not what she could be in the future. Nora can’t wait to look at her mother’s children’s book.

At Barry’s, Iris is calling to talk to Theresa. She’s seen that Peter is looking for victims who are going to lose what’s most important to them. Distracted by the search for something to eat, Barry stays in the dark while Merkle sneaks up from behind and knocks him out.

Iris, scared, hurry to the team and tell them what happened. Cisco and Caitlin can’t use their powers and Sherloque destroyed the device they use to commit offenses. To make things even more complicated, they can’t contact Nora, even if they know where Barry is. Luckily, Ralph takes the suit and takes Iris to save her husband.

With meth cuffs around his wrists tied to the edge of the building, Barry Merkle tries to say he can help him. Merkle doesn’t want any of this, and when Iris and Ralph come, he’ll have Iris put her gun down. Yet he’s still pushing Barry over the edge.

Nora finally answered Caitlin’s phone when Barry went overboard. Without hesitation, Iris withdraws from the building to unlock the handcuffs and rescue Barry, who in turn saves her. Nora is surprised at what her mother does and sees her parents kissing. The moment is interrupted when Ralph falls to the ground with Merkle in a special way. Or maybe it’s just disgusting.

The team is impressed by the courage with which Iris saved Barry. All she knew was she had to open the cuffs so Barry could use his powers. After all, they said that Iris found Nora and shared the moment with her. She will discover in the future that she never told Nora about her past when she came forward. As long as she wants to focus on the time they have, because she’s willing to be open.

‘The Flash’ Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: ‘All Doll’d Up’


Returning to their own research, Sisko, Caitlin and Sherlock try to find out how Tannhauser fits into the equation, while Caitlin’s mother really doesn’t know anything. You understand he may be hiding on one of Tannhauser’s black agent websites or in safe hiding places that are not used. Because they don’t have their own satellite to observe, Cisco decides to try the atlases the thinker had.

He can recharge it with energy and is willing to think about it, but notices that Caitlin hesitates again. Cisco is aware that she needs time to figure out how close they are and assures her that they will not act until she is ready.

Looks like Caitlin will meet her father in person next week! Only time will tell how it all works. Don’t forget to join next week and see more The Flash on Twitter!



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