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Fighters of the Year 3000 is a post-apocalyptic Italian-Spanish science fiction film from 1983 about survivors in search of water.

Directed by Giuliano Carnimeo [as Jules Harrison] (RatMan; The Case of the Bloody Rainbow; I Sartana, Your Angel of Death) from a script written by Elisa Briganti, Dardano Sacchetti and Jose Trujado [as James A.]. Preecha], the movie stars Robert Iannucci, Alicia Moro, Luciano Pigozzi, Eduardo Fajardo, Fernando Bilbao, Beryl Cunningham and Luca Venantini.

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…a low-budget, ludicrously unoriginal version of everything you watch these movies for: crazy stunts, car accidents, a post-apocalyptic world populated by people in ridiculous outfits, and most of all, an anti-hero who doesn’t worry about anything until he has a baby! Birth. The movies. Dead.

…launches the film in a series of noisy car chases and explosions. It’s a resolute lo-fi attempt to get some gold out of pure rubbish, but the often hilarious dubbing and initial editing of the film, as well as a certain eccentric playing style, may recommend it to some kitsch and/or camp lovers. Blu-ray.com.

Apart from attracting attention, it’s not as energetic as Castellari’s entries in the genre; but Carnimeo tends to have fun with his. Without nudity, caricatured violence or modest gore, it is a relatively safe, if not inconspicuous, operational fare. Cool cinema @ss

…a very entertaining Mad Max robbery with the usual desert night pursuits, shenanigans with guns and pyrotechnics, and some comic interludes that are really worth laughing at. Despite the usual irregularity of the dubbing – with familiar voices of actors such as Edward Mannix, Susan Spafford and Pat Stark – the story remains compelling, if not entirely original…… DVD player

Finding water is nothing more than a McGuffin holding the action scenes together (and presented as such). This apathy permeates the film and, in my opinion, only contributes to dragging it out, especially when you get to the end. This film does not have the favors of the authors or the actors. The dialogue in the field is so bad that it’s good. Men’s Blog at Midnite Cinema….

Он безастенчиво копирует Макса 2 – героя-одиночку, симпатичного парнишку, мирное сообщество, осажденное панками из пустыни, борьбу Безумного драгоценный ресурс – нефть в Максе 2, воду здесь, большую последовательность, где сумасшедшие гонятся борту танкера. В то время как сюжет Уничтожители года 3000 не представляет большого и отличается оригинальностью, в нем есть, интереса крайней мере, несколько энергичных сюжетов. Moria

Уничтожители года 3000 – очень глупый фильм. Это очень весело только в контексте того, что это довольно плохая попытка пост-апокалиптического роуд-фильма, но в нем много сумасшедшего, как в лучшем итальянском шлок-кино [Стоит] группой посмотреть с …. друзей-единомышленников. ботаник

Yet you have to admire the stakes, even though the senseless chaos resembles a child beating up a few toys in the sandbox. It is true that the sandpit here can be more reliable than the dry soil. Director Giuliano Carnimeo tries to circumvent the obvious budgetary constraints associated with everything that does not end in metal deformation. Oh, the horror!

This movie, the…. is just awful. The production values are not bad, and the action plans are decent, but the story is a rereading, and the dubbing is terrible. You’ll laugh out loud if the head villain constantly catches cars! screaming and his opponents are calling turkeys.  If they’re not chasing a car, the film is dragging and inexcusably boring. The beast of pop culture

The film borrows a lot from the Mad Max series and does so with what seems like a much smaller budget and a much less assertive style, but it is dynamic, exciting and aggressive. It’s a low-budget action film that hits all the right notes and has a sympathetic antihero at E.T.. Iannucci. Rock! Shock! Daddy! Daddy!

The Year 3000 Destroyer is a pyrotechnic and stunts that are at least equal to, and in some cases better than, those of some of its best-known peers in the post-aparmageddon Italian subgenre. Although many of Carnimeo’s staging is quite accurate and certainly not in the style of Enzo G. Castellari, for example, the functionality is not disappointing when it comes to telling such a simple story. Garbage film gurus

The destroyers 3000 is nothing but a road warrior (Mad Max 2).  There’s no way out.  But this film doesn’t hide that fact and I don’t care.  It’s a great piece of B-level trashy cinema that entertains like hell from start to finish. Why so much blue?


Crazy bull: Get in the fight with my cute engine diggers!

Crazy bull: Into the crack, you engine robbers. Let’s steal the water!

The actors and characters:

Robert Iannucci… Alien (as Robert Iannucci)
Alicia Moreau … Garbage
Luciano Pigozzi … Butterfly (as Alan Collins)
Eduardo Fajardo …
Senator Fernando Bilbao… Crazy Bull (as Fred Harris)
Beryl Cunningham … Shadow
Luca Venantini… Tommy
Anna Orso… Linda
Venantino Venantini … Jean
Sergio Mioni
Roman Aris Navarreta … (under the name Roman Aris Navarreta)
Jose Luis Chinchilla … (under the name Jose Chinchilla)
Garcia Monserrat
Riccardo Mioni
Franco Maria Salamon … (as Franco Salamon)
James Clayton
Virgilio Duddy … From Driver (not credited)
Alfonso Giganti One of the senator’s men (not accredited)
Ettore Martini … Edward (not credited)
Maurizio Straccioni Truck driver (not credited)
Goffredo Unger . Truck driver (without accreditation)

Shooting locations:

Andalusia, Spain
Rome, Italy (Interior – Studio)

Technical details :

90 minutes
Eastman Color
aspect ratio : 1.85 : 1
Audio : Mono


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