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The College Girl Murders is a 1967 German police thriller about a series of mysterious deaths in an exclusive school caused by a deadly gas.

Directed by : Alfred Wohrer after a scenario by Herbert Reinecker, based on the novel Black Abbot by Edgar Wallace and the subsequent play Horror. Producer Horst Wendlandt. Rialto film with Joachim Fuchsberger, Uschi Glas and Grit Boettcher.


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60s music, Jazzie? Seeing Cripe’s women from hidden windows in the pool? Frustrated cops try to solve it all, but the Red Hood Killer is always a step ahead? Pits full of alligators threatening young women with problems? A pot with the ears of seven blood-contaminated orchids? Eva Stromberg of Vampyros Lesbos? Yeah, this movie has everything and more. B&S on films

College Girl Murders has a crazy and flamboyant style that makes it one of the most unusual detective novels of its time. The monkshood killer is an interesting character who steals all the scenes, and he seems to be related to an earlier film in the series called Sinister Monk […] With Bibles and weapons firing poison gas, the film is very eccentric, following a trend popular in spy films and television shows of the 1960s. dvd player

The conspiracy doesn’t stand up to the investigation, the comic relief is a matter of taste, and I wouldn’t bother trying to solve the mystery in advance, because it doesn’t work that way. But his sense of humor won’t let you go. Fantastic music films and trolls

The German film marks a solid climax – not only among Wallace’s adaptations, which are so numerous that they form their own subgenre, but also among the domestic thrillers of the time. It has an authentic plot, beautiful women ripe for intimacy, gadgets in abundance, and an exit that ends with the authorities stepping out of the frame as soon as they see a map with END in the shell of the turtle that swims behind them. Gun attack

Joachim Fuchsberger’s performance as Higgens is damn good.  He’s doing so well, if they’d played it straight, he’d have taken it out of the park. As an actor, this cat has put on a solid show. And in a way, his good acting is detrimental to this film because you can almost see what it could have been. The DNA of horror

It’s strange, of course. The plot of this film is full of random moments, complex scenarios and idiosyncratic humour. The problem is that all this is not really balanced. The humour is simply inexplicable and seems incredibly inappropriate. In particular, the character of an inspector is to react foolishly to attempts to solve a crime. Mondo Bizarro.

Although it’s basically a thriller, the plot develops steadily throughout the entire film. For example, it will never be a film that clings to the twists and turns of the plot like a good thriller. But what motivates the murder of the schoolgirl is the richness of the colours and the wildly imagined events during […] Director Alfred Wohrer adds beautifully sinister sets and hits ….. to. Moria

…a narrative mess with a mad scientist, and a super villain with a crocodile pit, and a bunch of completely useless clues, and a resolution completely out of a hat. Moreover, Sir John Siegfried Schurenberg was not as scary as that […] And yet it’s interesting to watch, because at least everything is well put together and moving at a steady pace….. Going through my garbage

Although the ridiculously elaborate plan doesn’t materialise after the unveiling, the film remains compelling, lively and simply fun to watch. A quick horror strip with a playful sense of your own absurdity. Some horror fans are not happy with the strong comic component of these thrillers, which can be an acquired taste. Rotate the image

The murders of the coedes are only a fraction of the stupidity. It also has a rather luxuriant color cinematography. The problem is that the work of the police inspectors looking for the killer is terribly boring… It doesn’t help either that the inspectors working on the case are a little annoying. One cop does a lot of comedy for us, while the other is chewing gum and looking smug. Vacuum for video

…Nor is it a third-rate black and white version with frightening colors, but a much more artistically satisfying black and white version. Indeed, even when Wohrer’s version as a whole begins to show the laziness and slap in the face that are characteristic of his latest, often almost unbearable cinematographic errors, the fever and general campiness make this ridiculous film amusing. An empty life

The film is also very dynamic, and it got my full attention…. Although I kept watching part of the film to see if it might get dumber. (He didn’t disappoint; some stupid turns towards the end are suggested). I can’t recommend this movie to anyone. Technically it is well done with average acting, but the story is too stupid and not funny to be worth it. Detective Observation

The murders of the female students are a wonderful mystery that will astonish you. Zissky Emporium for B-movies


In the United States, Dark Sky Films was released on the 30th. August 2005: a DVD of College Girl Murders.


The actors and characters:

Joachim Fuchsberger… Inspector Higgins
Eye Moustache… Ann Portland
Raw Cooper… Betty Falks (as Raw Böttcher)
Conrad Georg … Keystone
Harry Ribbauer … Mark Denver
Tilly Lauenstein… Harriet Foster
Ilsa Paget… The secret
Siegfried Rauch… Frank Keeney
Klaus Holm… Glenn Powers
Gunther Meisner… Grieves
Hans Epscamp … Bannister
Heinz Spitzner … Harrison
Ian Hendricks… Brent
Rudolf Schündler … Sergeant Hanfield
Narcissus Sokatsheff… Kress Bartling (as Narcissus Sokatsheff)
Thilo von Berlepsch … Officer
Kurt Weitzmann… Carrington
Suzanne Rocket… Mary Houston
Suzanne Xiao… June Bell (as Suzanne Xiao)
Inge Sievers … Mildred Miller
Ava Stromberg … Pam Walsbury
Bruno W. Pantel… Bus driver
Kurt Buecheler … Winston Robson
Siegfried Schurenberg … Sir John
Eva Ebner… Passenger disembarked (not credited)
Herbert Kerz … Double monk (not credited)
Alfred Vohrer … Edgar Wallace / Public Procurement Police (vote) (no credit)
Wilhelm Vorwerg … Dr. Cable (not credited)…

Shooting locations:

Berlin, Germany
CCC studio, Spandau, Berlin, Germany (studio)

Technical details :

88 minutes
Eastman Color
aspect ratio : 1.66 : 1
Audio : Mono (Eurocord-Magnitocord sound film)

Original title:

The monk with the whip The monk with the whip




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