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Netflix has just forgotten about the Crane 2020, because a streaming service has released a trailer for the long awaited third season of Cobra Kai. Following on from the Karate Kid series and sequels, Cobra Kai follows the villain from the original film Johnny Lawrence, who is currently a middle-aged loser – until he decides to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo and teach the next generation of children. He attracts the attention of karateka Daniel LaRusso, who is just as successful as Johnny. The series made its debut on YouTube Red (and still managed to get people to watch), where it was very well received for its two seasons. Netflix has now acquired the rights to the program and will produce at least two more seasons. Season 3 of Cobra Kai is played at 8. January 2021 to Netflix. Watch the Cobra Kai Season 3 trailer below:

I know it probably sounds hyperbolic, but I think I’m more looking forward to the third season of Cobra Kai than to any other movie planned for next year (except maybe No Time to Die, because even the modern James Bond excites me, at least in the beginning). I was late for a party at this fair and decided to try it out a month ago; I ended up looking at both seasons in less than 24 hours and spending the next few days with friends and family who told me to check it out and recommend it to anyone who didn’t do it. I expected it to be a comedy in which Kid Karate and 80s movies in general are fun, but the laughter is just an accompaniment. Cobra Kai Meat are the characters and their related but human journeys through middle age and adolescence, parenthood and high school, and how one is never too old or too young to understand who one really is. The line between good and evil has also been exceptionally blurred, as no character is completely one or the other – with one notable exception in recent films that behave like the devil on all shoulders.

As for the trailer, it’s fine, although I wish it would drive a little slower. I loved the aftermath of that spectacular school fight that ended in the second season; we know Miguel is seriously injured and could be handicapped for life, but Robbie seems to be in prison – or maybe in a juvenile prison – for beating up a cripple, which is surprising, but perfectly logical. But I’m sorry they didn’t show Johnny how to get Miguel back to his best (probably through transformative karate therapy); you could just keep an eye on him at the hospital. It seems that one of these seasons will bring you back to the bottom, whether you are in prison, suffering serious trauma or knowing that you are responsible for the suffering of the people you love the most. It’s also as I predicted – and I think most fans of the show are about to end, and Johnny will be working with Daniel to take out John Crease. But will they be used for other purposes? Johnny still wants to reform the Cobra Kai? Daniel still wants to destroy it? What about requests from friends on Facebook? Far from wishing me the Christmas season, but January brings its own gift at the beginning of the new year.

What do you think of the Cobra Kai 3 trailer? Did you see the show? What are the ’80s rock hits that will inspire our heroes to train this year? Let us know in the comments and stay Geeks + Gamers to get the news on TV!

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