The daring and beautiful spoilers show that Paris Buckingham (White Diamond) is currently interested in Sending Forrester Dominguez (Delon de Metz). His sister Zoe Buckingham (Ciara Barnes) is engaged to Carter Walton (Lawrence St. Victor). But as the viewers know, the feelings between the two projected couples do not diminish.

From now on, Zoey is at the top of the agenda. Carter and Zende are both interested in her, and she knows it. Paris was not a postman until he arrived in Los Angeles, California, in early fall. But Zoé’s younger sister could soon become a much more important actor in B&B stories.

Naughty and beautiful spoilers – Was Carter Walton too impulsive?

Falling in love is illogical. Carter’s work as a lawyer and the challenges he faces as the new director of Forrester Creations are in stark contrast to the intense emotional feelings he quickly develops for Zoe.

Carter went through the process of becoming a lawyer. He went to college, passed the bar, got a job, then went to work. Through this path, his productivity and collegiality, Eric Forrester (John McCook) and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) were recently able to propose to Carter the appointment of Chief Operating Officer, which he was pleased to accept.

As for Zoe, Carter makes the necessary arrangements by asking her to move in with him and marry him within a few weeks. Impulsiveness can reasonably be stated when it is evidence in a commercial dispute.

B&BSpoiler – Positive Bounce Zoe Buckingham Spoiler plus

Zoe deserves the good times. After her own arrival in Los Angeles, she went through a difficult period in her life. While she and Paris are talking, her father’s plan to steal and sell Beth Spencer (Madeline Valdez and River Davidson) has done Zoé a disservice.

The story of Barnes’ heroine is based on her relationship with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). He used it as a cover at a time when he was obsessed with remarrying Hope Logan (Annika Noel).

So there’s nothing wrong with Zoe being flattered by Carter’s attention or developing feelings for him. Meanwhile Zende appeared, attracted his attention and seems to be more of his heart than Carter.

Bold and beautiful spoilers and recapitulation on Tuesday the 22nd. December: Zoe and Zende work together, Paris Impress Carter

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Naughty and beautiful spoilers – Paris Buckingham was never going to mention Steere.

Paris never met Carter and Zende. She was very respectful and supported Zoe’s involvement with Carter, while she spoke openly about her own fascination for the transformed character Metz now plays.

Zende finds the interest of Paris flattering and compliments her more and more. Paris also noticed the clear spark between her sister and Zende.

The conflict seems to arise when even Carter realizes that Zoe’s interests are at least divided. At this point in the story he may be stalking Paris to attract the attention of his fiancée, or because his own feelings change.

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