Robert Downey Jr. could play in the Star Warsseries.


Robert Downey Jr. was able to join the other biggest franchise of all time. Daniel Richtman, described as an insider, was the first to report that Downey is in talks with Disney to re-work with his Iron Man director, Jon Favreau, either in Mandalorian or one of Favreau’s other Star Wars series and Dave Filoni at Disney+. (Richtman pointed this out on his Patreon page, but you have to be a subscriber to see something). Pirates and princesses have worked it out in an excellent article; Downey will not appear in an episodic role or as a single character, but in an important role that will probably appear in more than one series, if not all the series produced by Favreau and Filoni. They go on to say that the character he could play will be very different from Tony Stark and will require a big change in appearance. This potential agreement is still in its infancy and all the media confirm that nothing has yet been finalised or can even be considered likely. Anyway, Pirates and Princesses say that Downey and Favreau want to work together and that Disney trusts Favreau and Filoni with his trust and resources. So there’s more juice than you think there is for someone from Robert Downey Jr.-and the current price – to join the TV series on the streaming service.

The idea of seeing Robert Downey Jr. in Star Wars and playing in the future of the franchise (and make no mistake, Star Wars is now a Favreau/Filoni business) is exciting, and the suggestion that he’s very different from Tony Stark is also very impressive. Although this has earned him his current popularity, Downey is a great actor who can play many different roles, and he doesn’t get the chance to show it as well today as he did in the 90s. Nor is this kind of humour part of the Star Wars universe, at least not in the version he uses in the Marvel films (it is difficult to make references to pop culture in a world where such a culture does not exist). Going the other way is a good idea and will show young people who only know him as Iron Man what Robert Downey Jr. is capable of. However, I hope they will not immediately do what everyone thinks and give him the role of Grand Admiral Thrawn. I know I just said how versatile he is, but I don’t see him in that role. I haven’t seen many anime series, but I recently started reading the 90’s Thrawn trilogy (the Mandalorian final that rekindled my enthusiasm for Star Wars), and Thrawn is a very unique character with special characteristics and peculiarities, right down to the way he speaks. The Pirates and the Princesses article says that Jon Favreau is talking to several great actors about participating in his series, so he may have someone else in mind for Thrawn; I hope he does, because I’m looking forward to seeing Robert Downey Jr. in the Mandalorians and Their Future Sisters series, and I wouldn’t want them abusing him in their rush to land it.

You’re hoping Robert Downey Jr. will join Star Wars? Did he have to play Thrawn? Was there anyone else who wondered if Patton Oswalt had such a big park and still hoped to walk in Iron Man? Give us your feedback and stay up to date with the news from Geeks + Gamers!

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