Enter the dragon

Richard Dragon: So I took on a nameless student. A talent lover. He must have told all his friends. After a while I stopped asking questions, I didn’t even ask for names.

Richard Dragon #7

A man wanders in a small town. He was quickly arrested by a local gang. The crooks tell him there’s a tourist tax. He can pay, or they can do whatever they want with him. The man tries to calm them down and gets into position while the fighters take out the knives and chains.

A gang member with a knife attacks a man. He grabs the hook by the wrist, twists it to drop the knife, and trips it back with a palm strike. The leader of the gang swings at the man, who dodges the chain and rips it off. The plane kicks the chief out. The man sees the rest of the gang members walking away. Richard Dragon straightens up and gets to his feet.

Richard Dragon is one of the finest martial artists in the DC Universe. He taught all members of the Justice League, directly or indirectly, how to fight. Then who is he? How did he become such a good fighter? Why are there two dragons running around? Well, let’s see.

The Rising Dragon: Behind the scenes of Richard Dragon

O-Sensei: There’s a time to be a rock… a time to be a deep, silent pool… and a time to be a whirlpool.

Richard Dragon: Kung fu fighter #4

Richard Dragon made his debut in 1974 in Dennis O’Neill’s novel Fist of the Dragon: Kung fu master Richard Dragon. O’Neill then worked with artist Jim Berry to turn the book into a comic book.

Richard Dragon was a young thief living in Japan. He broke into the dojo to steal a jade Buddha statue. He was captured and defeated by a student named Ben Turner, who took Dragon to his mentor, O-sensei, to punish him. O-sensei had a good feeling about Dragon and decided to teach him martial arts instead.

Richard studied martial arts for seven years and became a skilled warrior and philosopher. O-Sensei realized he couldn’t teach Dragon or Turner anything more and sent them out into the world to find their own way. The duo became traveling adventurers and eventually joined a spy agency called G.O.O.D.

During a mission at G.O.O.D., Dragon was attacked by a woman named Mistress Shiva, who accused him of killing her sister. Dragon discovered that Shiva was being manipulated by his sister’s real killer and helped her defeat him.

Mistress Shiva joined Dragon and Turner’s adventures because her life was empty without a fight, but the irrepressible trio eventually parted ways with their personal differences. Ben Turner became a hero called the Bronze Tiger. Madame Shiva has become a feared assassin. Richard Dragon left G.O.O.D. to become a roving hero.

Samsara: Richard Dragon Story

Richard Dragon II: My sensei was a great fighter. He taught me to leave it all behind and become something better…. I killed him and took his name to honor the power he gave me…

Green arrow #32

Richard Dragon eventually grew tired of the itinerant life and continued to teach. Most of his students could not attend until a young Bruce Wayne found him.

Dragon inspired the future Batman and taught him many of his best techniques. He later taught Dragon’s skills to the Justice League and even sent some of his heroes to learn directly under Dragon’s tutelage.

Richard’s new incarnation was seen in prints from DC New 52. This version is that of a crime lord who claims to have studied under the dragon, learned all he could, and then killed his teacher. He began calling himself Richard the Dragon as a tribute to his mentor. Time will tell if the original Richard the Dragon will be resurrected.

Spirit of the Dragon Authority and person

Dragon! I don’t want to hurt you! I asked you… …begged… but you wouldn’t listen!

Richard Dragon: Kung fu fighter #10

Richard Dragon has no powers, but he doesn’t need them. He has mastered dozens of martial arts styles, including kung fu, karate, jiu-jitsu, judo and aikido. Richard Dragon is one of DC Comics’ most talented martial artists, defeated only by Batman, Lady Shiva and Cassandra Kane.

While most people praise his fighting skills, training has become Richard Dragon’s true calling. He is able to infer what others are thinking and discover faults they didn’t know they had. He often helps the characters overcome their personal problems. It makes sense that he has mastered this dynamic because he is on both sides of the equation.

Richard Dragon emphasizes the spiritual side of martial arts rather than the physical side. He always tries to defuse battles before they start, only when he has no other choice. He is often portrayed as sarcastic and tired.

The actors who play Richard Dragon.

Kirk Acevedo – Arrow

Mark Dacascos is Batman: The spirit of the dragon

Have you understood everything?

One of Washington’s finest fighters…

Jared Bunakos wrote for 2016.

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