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Transferring a superhero’s coat to a new character is a risky concept – it can either be a completely painless change, a transition from one favourite character to another, or an uninspired change that seems to have unpleasant political motives that can help provoke rebellions from creators such as Gate Comics. Miles Morales is somewhere in the middle. Spider-Man Brian Michael Bendis was considered the first step into the disastrous Marvel era, where they turned Captain America into a secret Nazi, but Spider-Man Miles Morales doesn’t really belong to the same camp as Nazi Cap or Jane Foster Thor.

In 2018, shortly after Solo’s release: In the Star Wars story, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller published Spider-Man In Spider Verses, which was a very popular way to prove that love or reaction to a new character who takes the hero’s coat has a much smaller relationship to the skin color or gender of the character and a much larger relationship to the quality of writing. They managed to get Spider-Man and Nicholas Cage to work on a colour film about human characters, so Miles and Gwen-Spider don’t seem to be big customers in this context. But was it an accident at Spider Versa’s? You can also use the miles in different ways, which is also very efficient.

I am happy to say that in the case of Spider-Man of the Insomnia Games: Miles Morales, the answer is yes.

This stand-alone expansion for their Spider-Man PS4 game starts with a somewhat clumsy background. After Peter Parker had spent some time training Miles and briefly fighting the rhino, Peter Parker went on vacation with M.J. with his strange new face to Europe, just in time for the new super villain to threaten to attack New York City. But as soon as Peter moves and the story begins, Insomniac does well to make Miles a recognizable hero, with a strong bow, strong secondary characters and, most importantly, a fun and well thought out campaign that plays to the end.

All in all, the game is not really different from Spider-Man 2018. While it’s always fun to swing on the same map of New York City, the battle is always clear and fun as a small distraction from Batman-Arkham’s games and they disable quests just as easily and quickly, making it fun and painless to follow. Where Miles Morales really improves things is in the lock, with absolutely zero to stop playing as Spider-Man and instead play as a normal person and do bad stealth segments. This time the trick like Miles is much more fun, because you don’t only have spinning powers, but also the ability to camouflage that Peter didn’t have.

Enemy AI: A few IQ points away from Simple Jack, the battle is so simple you’ll never feel very punished for a failed camouflage – and just like the battle, take the enemy down and bounce quickly from the rafters of the Arkhams-derived encounter – but that doesn’t make them bad, and they’re MUCH nicer than the MJ or Miles segments of the original game. There’s only one order in which you play like a helpless Miles: a flashback in which you walk around the science centre with Miles’ schoolmate Fin and he concentrates completely on the story. No boring tricks, no state of failure, just to live a few moments of the character, explore a museum and solve a simple puzzle.

In the regular missions, the puzzles have also received a fairly important update of the original game, as all of Peter Parker’s scientific experiments are now missing in the minigames. They are being replaced by various environmental puzzles that use the power of Miles’ poison to manipulate electricity. It’s not that hard to understand all this, but they are all quite fascinating and are a valuable way to end the battle and the hunt for cobwebs – even if it happens a little, even if you know that the problem you’re facing will certainly be solved by charging the generator or using the webs to transport electricity between the nodes. It would be nice if there was more variation in the puzzle, but they work well enough to break the fighting.

The Battle of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is very passionate, cinematic and funny, but it’s not very difficult and there are few enemies. There are four boss fights, two of them against the rhino, and none of them is a big challenge. I’ve played the great difficulty level because I usually play the game one level below the most difficult, or one level above the standard difficulty level, and I’d really like to choose an exciting level… What I could do if the marginal difficulty level was unlocked at the beginning of the game, but to do that I have to finish the game once. I’m not looking for a Dark Souls or Devil May Cry game, but given the many combat options available to Miles, many of which can be won with costume mods, it would be nice to feel that I need one. I often forget that I have glasses that I can spend because I don’t have any new skills.

It’s like a missed opportunity to make Miles feel like a newbie. In Spider-Man 2018 we portrayed a Spider-Man veteran who knew his strengths, understood his abilities and fought crime for almost a decade. But in the beginning, Miles Morales Miles was a Spider-Man, only about a year old, and ALWAYS with Peter to watch his back. This game, which is Miles’ first solo flight, could be a little cooler if we start relatively low and feel that Miles is gradually becoming the competent hero he is at the end of the game. Instead, we start out as a powerful Spider-Man and end up as an even more powerful Spider-Man. Once you’ve learned – or once you’ve played the original – how to attack, make combos, use gadgets and dodge, you’ll get as much skill as you need to fly through the game.

As far as the woven buckle is concerned, it is incredible and just as much fun as in 2018. Miles Morales’ new animations look good and present a beginner’s spider as a fighting game, with Miles waving his hands and looking much more clumsy than the graceful Peter Parker. This annoyance does not affect the gameplay in any way; it is a purely aesthetic pleasure, but it is cool to see new animations that make it look like Miles is tearing it apart and not just Peter in Miles’ costume.

You may have noticed a tendency to criticize: It is good, but not very different from the original game, which is also true. We’ll talk about this later, but where’s Spider-Man? Miles Morales is new, and the main reason to play this game is history. After the departure of Peter Parker, Miles meets two factions that the game is all about. The first is a gang of street revolutionaries called Underground, and the second is a technical company called Roxon. While Roxxon is starting to look good and his cloak is quickly becoming predictable, Underground is a little more complicated. I wouldn’t call them nuances, but it’s safe to say that they have descriptive goals, even though their methods are bad.

While the conflict between Roxon, the metro and Miles is the central theme of the plot, Insomnia skilfully places the character at the centre of the plot. Miles, his friend in Hanke’s armchair, his mother, his uncle Aaron and his estranged friend Finn are all well-written and suitable characters, each of whom motivates in his own way to solve the main conflict, because a simple Miles is Spider-Man, so he has to stop the bad guys. The villagers are a bit confused and Roxon’s chief is a mean version of Tony Stark, who seems to feel at home as the villager in one of the three independent films Iron Man. But the other main antagonist is much more complex and interesting.


About a third of the way through the city we discover that Tinker, who leads the underground revolutionaries, is none other than Finn. This makes the dynamics between her and Miles very different from the simple Peter and MJ with different names. Instead, Miles struggles with how he deals with rescuing, stopping or helping a girl who is not only a childhood friend, but also someone who seems to be in love with him. Finn’s interaction with Miles is just as difficult, and she doesn’t immediately decide that Spider-Man is no longer her enemy when she discovers he’s Miles, but she also doesn’t become a cartoon super villain who wants to kill him. The conflict between them adapts and develops before the game unblocks the situation. Not quite like the finals of the original game, but given that they used lesser-known characters with a popular Spider-Man villain – who was a sidekick at the time – it’s rather surprising that they managed to tell a better story than a good piece of live Spider-Man footage. I don’t know who’s calling Spider-Man at Sony Pictures or Marvel Studios these days, but it should be the talented writers at Insomniac.


In the technical section, I’ll talk about the PS5 version of the game as I’ve played it, but I think we can assume that the PS4 version will look almost identical and will function as the original game. When playing on PS5, I recommend that you enter the visual options menu ONMEDIATELY and enter power mode.

Swing through the city at 60 frames per second – that’s how these games should always be played.  You feel much better and you see many more things in motion than in the original PS4. So I wish you could play the original game with this power instead of paying 20 dollars more for the remastering, which also has a strange new face of Peter Parker. Loyalty mode is the default for some reason, but I hope Sony will see how many people have taken the initiative to turn on the performance mode, because if the default for the PS5 is the choice of the player for a dynamic resolution of 60 frames per second, then it is the choice of the player, or 4K 30 frames per second with Ray Tracing (in this game and in Demon’s Souls), that would be much more acceptable than seeing a large Sony exclusive lock at 30 frames per second, as we saw in the last generation. I would like the standard to be at least 60 frames per second, flat, but people love their photo modes and are willing to play with a rave frame if it means they can detect 4K bRo tracking beams.

I chose Loyalty mode for the rotation, and it looks much worse than Performance mode in action, and I don’t understand why anyone would choose Loyalty mode. The only advantage I saw was the slightly sharper reflections on the windows and wetter roads, and I honestly don’t think I would have said that at all if I didn’t expect to find the note differently. I know my obsession with the frame rate is a bit reminiscent, but don’t forget that you can see the resolution and the beam connection, but you can FEEL the frame rate.

The music is very good, the themes of the original game are remixed with a bit of hip-hop, creating a strong balance between cinema and cool. Language game at the highest level. Miles may look a little bigger than his Spider Verse boyish appearance (which is even worse for the much younger model Peter Parker), but Naji Jeter’s voice has a very youthful sound, which helps characterize Miles as a soft, cheerful hero that Spider Verse fans will find familiar.

It comes down to it, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a great game and absolutely worth it, especially because of its performance on PS5. However, if you’re not very excited about playing it, I advise you to wait for the sale. Despite the fact that a lot of budget and effort has been put into the story and performance, it seems that this is finally a DLC for the original game. Make no mistake, this is a very reliable CSD, with enough content to assume you will spend time on many secondary goals, collectibles and tasks. But since it is the same NYC card as the original game (although with Winterfell) and almost all aspects of the main game are identical, it would be difficult to claim that it costs $50, not to mention the $70 from the last edition, which is currently the only way to play the original game with the next edition. Contrary to the fact that with the spirit of Tsushima, which costs exactly zero dollars to be hit up to 60 frames per second, and insomnia seems determined to criticize me things, despite the fact that otherwise do a fantastic job with these Spider-Man games. Even taking remastering from the equation, $50 for PS5 or even $40 for PS4 is too cool for what you get here. Unlike witch 3: Blood and wine cost 20 dollars when it was launched and was absolutely gigantic, with tons of dialogues and performances. I find it hard to believe that Sony can not offer this game as a single game for 30 dollars or as an extension for 20 dollars, especially since it is the flagship game for the PS5 launch, which is also played by players who are not completely bastards … Bastards playing with the souls of demons.

Gambling – 9.3

Difficulty/length – 7.9

Historical – 9.5

Graphs – 9.1

Sound design – 9.2



It comes down to it, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a great game and absolutely worth it, especially because of its performance on PS5. However, if you’re not very excited about playing it, I advise you to wait for the sale. Despite the fact that a lot of budget and effort has been put into the story and performance, it seems that this is finally a DLC for the original game.

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