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Manifest Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: “Clear to Approach”

Manifest Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: “Clear to Approach”
MANIFEST -- "Cleared for Approach" Episode 113 -- Pictured: (l-r) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Patrick Murney as Cody Webber -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers)

Meeting with Zeke in Manifest this week.

In the previous episode a big bomb fell on the audience: Flight 828 was not an isolated incident. Clearared for Approach spends most of his time getting to know our new time traveller, Zeke. Matt Long is great in this episode, especially because his scenes could have collapsed if Zeke and Mikaela hadn’t fought. The Manifesto seems to have officially extended its love triangle to a square.

Unlike the passengers, Zeke walked alone, and no one else has time to make the jump. Why should he believe the two strangers who just appeared on the steps of his cabin? Of course he refuses to invite Ben for a conversation with Saanvi and prefers to stay in his room. Michaela decides to stay here and not go straight back to the city.

Ben goes into Big Brother mode and immediately thinks that Mikaela is in over her head. They don’t know anything about Zeke and he finds it suspicious that his new friend hasn’t asked him to contact his friends or family. He also seems to forget that Michaela is a real detective who is more than capable of dealing with delicate situations. promises to be safe and learn more about Zeke herself. But when she starts pushing him, Zeke starts pushing him.

Manifest Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: “Clear to Approach”

EVENT – Policy Statement, Episode 113 – Submitted by : (from left to right) Joe Lisi as author, Melissa Roxburg as Michaela Stone – (Photo by Will Hart/NBC/Warner Brothers)

He can’t escape his fate no matter how hard he tries. Shocked by Michaela’s questions about his family, he ran into a storm. When they caught him, they had a dual purpose. Although the manifesto in this scene may have overlooked the CGI, it is interesting to note that these two entities share such a fascinating connection. Some passengers had similar conversations, but none of them took part together.

The call includes Zeke’s voice telling them to come back. After gently pushing Michaela, he agrees to bring her back into the cave. They were joking until Mikaela went to get supplies before she left. She finds the missing poster in the shop and the cashier explains her own theories about Zeke’s disappearance. Apparently his sister Chloe died on that mountain. Mikaela already thinks the worst and throws herself in an abandoned cabin.

Fortunately, he won’t get very far until she finds him. As expected, Zeke is ready to run and be just a footnote in this story. But Michaela won’t let that happen. If they share another calling, she pushes him again so he can take them there to find him. He finally gave up, but he said when they were done, he’d leave. At least Michaela bought him pork shavings so he could eat all the time.

Manifest Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: “Clear to Approach”

MANIFEST – aired on episode 113 – is presented by: g) Matt Long as Zeke, Melissa Roxburg as Michaela Stone – (Photo: Will Hart/NBK/Warner Brothers)

As soon as Michaela finds the cave, she will probably take a lot of pictures to send to Ben. Unfortunately they can’t find the answer to the call, but they relive it. She understands they have to look at it from her point of view. When she asks him what the stars mean to him, Zeke finally admits why he went camping. Alcoholics Anonymous has a twelve-stage life-saving program. He was on level five: Confess to God, to yourself and to another human being the exact nature of our evil.

What did he do wrong? Zeke blames herself for his sister’s murder. When he was 15, he agreed to have the bullet shoved down his throat, but it turned out that a girl called him. He didn’t pay attention and she finally fell. He never had the courage to visit the memorial on the mountain, but he did. Michaela may feel guilty and hurt about what happened to her best friend. She shares her own experiences, and eventually they decide to continue their journey.

Chloe Zeke can’t talk to him at the memorial service. Instead, he tells Michaela a wonderful story about his childhood and decides to build a pram into her memory. When they were done, the call came back, but now it’s Michaela’s voice telling them to come back. Now she thinks it’s her job to put Zeke back on the market. He’s ready to go back to town, but he’s not ready to contact his parents yet. That’s enough for now, and they’re coming down the mountain.

Manifest Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: “Clear to Approach”

Episode 113 – Submitted by: g) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone, Moon Blaze as Olive Stone, Jack Messina as Cal Stone – (Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers)

Meanwhile this weekBen is dealing with an item that has nothing to do with the main manifesto . Cody Webber (Patrick Merney) has set up a website to harass the passengers of flight 828. He thinks they might be foreigners and he finds it strange that the government wants to lock them up all over the world. While the Stones family ignored most of the publicity they received from the incident, Webber made it impossible to ignore them.

Grace, Ben and Cal come home to be greeted by an ecstatic olive. The Stone family spends the afternoon enjoying each other’s company and playing games. Jared appears on the signal and tries to find out where Mikaela is. Come on, Jared, stop bothering your wife’s best friend. He needs to know that Michaela doesn’t want to hurt Lourdes and it’s not fair that he keeps trying. But Ben and Grace can still get rid of Michaela’s absence. Webber and his friends spray paint on a stone house and throw a brick through the window.

Jared can take Webber into custody, but at some point they have to let him go. Ben takes matters into his own hands and meets Weber in his shop. No wonder this guy started attacking Ben and threatening Cal. Thanks to his live broadcast, police have arrested Ben for making threats. However, the manifesto seems to ignore the fact that Webber has threatened Cal in his video. Not to mention the fact that Webber publishes pictures of a Cal minor on his website, as well as his address, which seems totally illegal.

Manifest Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: “Clear to Approach”

MANIFESTATION – broadcast on 113. Reconciliation Episode – submitted : Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Patrick Merney as Cody Webber – (Photo by Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers)

But Jared’s angry because Ben’s using him to get information. He can only remove it with a warning, but next time he’ll let you know he’s not so happy. Later that evening, Ben comes home with tears in his eyes to get rid of the red paint on the door. Grace comforts him and kindly asks him to come back. It really is a delicate moment between them, especially since the Manifesto has made great efforts to convey compassion to Grace. Hopefully the two of them will swim smoothly together now.

Speaking of Grace, she’s gonna have some big scenes this week. She agrees with Ben that she won’t tell Olive until they’re sure nothing’s going to happen. It’s also a good gesture for Grace to admit that she may feel isolated if you leave her out of it. Normally it looks like the panels are being used with pleasure, but I protected them! Forgive me and ask yourself if anyone is upset by this mystery.

It also calms him as he struggles with his new reality. He doesn’t know what happened to him on the plane or why he’s having these strange visions. Grace will definitely let him know he’s her son. But when you see she’s having such a great time with her family, you worry about her. Can the Manifesto redeem his character to deceive him? It certainly belongs to the Stones family, whose death will hit Ben and Cal hardest.

Manifest Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: “Clear to Approach”

Episode 113 – Submitted: g) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Parvin Kaur as Saanvi Bahal – (Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers)

Saanvi recently painted the short straw of the main characters. We didn’t spend much time with her because she’s not related to Ben or Michaela. However, Cleared for Approach brings fascinating elements into the story. Especially the fact that she had to travel with someone on flight 828. Who was the passenger in 8B? Could he have cancelled at the last minute because he knew something was going to happen?

At least it confirms that Zeke has the same traces in his blood as the other passengers. He’s officially a time traveller, just like everyone else! She also thinks her experiment is a copy of Flight 828. This probably means that other isolated incidents are waiting to be discovered. For the Manifesto, it is an effective way to secure the body of the week it began. But on the way out, she finds a red X on her door. Looks like Webber’s surveillance is starting to expand!

Manifesto ends with Michaela and Zeek discovering a stickman with two people in their hands. When they meet him, they usually hold their hands. When they look at this, lightning strikes, and we have to wonder if they’re still on their way. This would certainly be a blow to all concerned!

In general, Cleared for Approach makes a significant contribution to the creation of peace in this universe. With the arrival of Webber’s new army of hatred, the protagonists have had many problems. However, we couldn’t help but remember that Olive mentioned her deep knowledge of mythology and then claimed that Yunona was a Greek goddess. Really? The manifesto?

What do you think of this week’s episode? Will Grace survive this season? Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below!



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