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Legacies Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: “Perhaps I should start from the end”

Legacies Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: “Perhaps I should start from the end”

Legacies leaving Salvatore School for a search and rescue operation.

It was a long break for Salvatore’s students, but they already have a new mission. After receiving Landon’s distress call, Hope dives right into battle. Maybe I should start at the end – it’s an action-packed episode of Legacies that also sheds light on Landon’s secret. Not to mention the fact that most viewers have become hop/land stations, with some wonderful scenes in between.

That hour starts at the end, and Hope talks about it throughout the episode. She went to pick him up a few days ago when she got Landon’s 911 call. She quietly grabs Alaric’s keys and steals them, tries to sneak away. Unfortunately, Hope never felt like she wasn’t trying to be mean when she wore heels. Alaric is going to arrest him almost immediately, and he doesn’t believe his apology either. If she admits her true cause, Alaric admits as long as she can drive. It makes us think about how many years the hope should really be on Legacy. If she doesn’t have a driver’s license, is she under 16?

Alaric spends the whole car ride, the hope quiz on different subjects. She’s not interested in chit-chat, but she can pass all her tests. Because the twins are still in Europe with Carolina, Alaric focuses all his father’s energy on Hope. But she wants to devote all her energy to Landon. When they arrive at the house where he is supposed to live, she agrees to step aside and be Robin Batman Alaric. But she hears the boy screaming inside and gets naturally excited. There’s no one in there but a shocked old couple watching an action movie. Hope finds Landon’s bracelet in her mailbox and realizes someone knows he’s coming.

Where is Landon exactly? legacy shows that he spent the last two weeks in a café of his mother Seilah (version Daredevil‘s Ayelet Zurer). He finally has the courage to tell her his true identity after asking his name. She takes him to lunch, and Landon clumsily tries to take care of his little dog. Unfortunately, opening the heart to a stranger was not the best solution. It turned out that she had drugged him (and the dog, since Landon had given him some kind of sandwich) for the interview.

Legacies Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: “Perhaps I should start from the end”

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She doesn’t believe he’s her son and she’s willing to torture him with a branding iron to find out the truth. They are interrupted by the terrible new monster that seems to have followed Landon. After Sayla gets rid of him, Landon admits he came from Salvatore school. She takes her son out of the house and goes to a scary motel. Now that they are on the same side, Sayla decides to learn more about Landon’s love life. He was a little worried about Hope, but he said she’d beat them up because she called her his girlfriend.

Speak of the devil, and she appears! Thanks to Seyla, Alaric walks into a motel room and pulls a gun. Hope disarms them quickly and demands to know exactly where Landon is. Seyla really loves Hope’s protective attitude and finally gives some information to the group. Turns out she was working for a secret intelligence service that had to track down supernatural monsters. But mysteriously, she forgot the creatures she was hunting.

She started taking notes after she realized that her memory was fading. The creatures were sent to Malivore, a dimension of hell, that’s why Seila couldn’t remember them. When she finds out that her son already knows about Malivor, she asks him to go home and forget everything. She tells Landon that she has no idea who her father is or that she’s not interested in becoming a mother. But Alaric doesn’t believe her at all. He follows her out so that two adults can share the real truth.

It turned out that Seila had been abandoned in Malivor, and two years later she jumped off the side of the road. However, the price of his freedom seemed to be the perfect design with Landon! She doesn’t know who the father is or if her pregnancy was something scary or not.

As long as he’s inconsolable about his mother’s refusal, Landon will certainly keep trying to convince her. The hope immediately calms him and makes him understand that it is not weak to miss his family. He informs her about the letters he wrote to her when he traveled through the country by bus. She kisses him, and they can both retire for a while and become normal teenagers. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end, and Alaric gets in the way. This is a somewhat funny scene from the episode and probably one of the best of Legacies so far.

Legacies Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: “Perhaps I should start from the end”

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Hope was sent to a new room and met Sayla when she was about to leave. She’s not ready to be a mother, but she’s willing to sacrifice herself for her son. So Hope doesn’t stop her, Sayla calms her down and leaves. When Hope and Landon were kissing, they didn’t notice the fish monster. It’s just like Alaric Landon talks about his father. Luckily Hope wakes up to lock the creature in the bathtub, and the group realizes that Landon had another key. Again: He says he never took the Egyptian urn he found at Seila’s, but just appeared.

This time, Hope believes him and offers to let her tracking bracelet in. They follow him to a discreet government base owned by Triad Industries, where Malivor is based. The symbol of the Triad is the same as what the necromancer Hope warned about in the previous episode. Unfortunately, they never come in. Saila jumps up and down in Malivora, while a human fisherman steps on some kind of bomb. Let’s hope Landon and Alaric wake up outside the Triad and the last two don’t remember what happened.

They go back to school where Hope Landon asks to be her boyfriend because he doesn’t remember them talking in a motel room. He quickly agreed, and with Legacies we have the first happy couple of the season. She won’t tell me what happened to her mother, but she’s going to Alaric to talk to him. It turns out his story was to the director. He suggests that they focus on hope, the only one who keeps their memories of what happened. Is it his tribal force or something?

Meanwhile, the legacy ends with the introduction of a new villain. At Rika’s house there was a gas company that wanted to know who lived there. Alaric didn’t tell them, which was definitely a good decision. At the end of the episode, the protagonist appears in Malivore, dressed in an impetuous black suit. He sends one of the workers into a hole and puts a picture of little Landon in it. Could it be Landon’s father? He certainly doesn’t look like a person.

We hope that wasn’t the last time we saw Seyla, even though she jumped at Malivor. If she leaves early, I hope she can do it again. Not to mention the fact that as a big fan of the Daredevil it is very nice to see Vanessa Fiske as a tough monster hunter.

What do you think of this episode of Legacy? Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below!



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