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The nightmare began…

Just Before Dawn is an American horror film from 1981 about young men who venture into the wilderness of Oregon and are stalked by a psychopath.

Directed by Jeff Lieberman (Squirm; Blue Sunshine) based on a script by Mark Aryvitz and Jeff Lieberman [with Gregg Irving] based on a story by Joseph Middleton.  It was produced by David Sheldon (Lovely But Deadly; Wicked; Grizzly; Abby). The movie stars Chris Lemmon, Gregg Henry, Deborah Benson, Ralph Seymour, Jamie Rose, Mike Kellin and George Kennedy (Uninvited; Creepshow 2; Death Ship; Strait Jacket).

Blu-ray output:

In the United States, Code Red, in collaboration with Kino Lorber, will be broadcast just before sunrise on the 12th day. January 2021 reissued. Properties :

has been restored from the original 35mm and contains the uncut American (91 minutes) and international (102 minutes) versions of
Interviews with the stars by Gregg Henry, Chris Lemmon, Jamie Rose and producer David Sheldon
Vintage featurette with Lemmon, Rose, Sheldon, actor John Hunsaker (Mountain Twins) and writer Mark Aruwitz
Theatrical Trailer.


Although the film went quietly on and off, it became a cult film among horror fans. It is praised for its terrifying atmosphere, sumptuous cinematography and above-average casting. Unlike many other films of this genre, Before Dawn focuses much more on tension and atmosphere than on the macabre violence, of which there is little more than the brutal machete murder at the beginning of the film.

It includes the first performances of actors Chris Lemmon (son of Jack Lemmon) and Gregg Henry (Slither), as well as the early works of composer Brad Fidel (Terminator), who wrote and performed unique, albeit bizarre, music scores for films.

Director Lieberman mentions Deliverance of 1972 as a major influence on Just Before Dawn, and it is one of his favorite movies.


Five friends go camping in the mountains because Warren (Greg Henry) bought a piece of land. They ignore the danger warnings of Ranger Roy McLean (George Kennedy) and continue to ignore the fact that there is a psychotic killer in the back of their RV.

After setting up camp, they begin to hear sounds in the bushes, and soon they are all in great danger. Meanwhile, McLean, after hearing of a killer in the neighborhood, goes in search of the evil walkers….

Exams [click on the links for more information]:

Like Monsters in Squirm, this 1981 film is unusual because it prefers atmosphere and excitement to blood and guts, but if this clearly distinguishes it from the offerings of the killer of the time, then Just Before Dawn is a film that any lover of the genre will certainly appreciate. 2,500 Film Contest

Although the original script eliminated the highly religious themes – it would end with the family that forced the last girl to deal with snakes in a ritual – it is still a pretty good version of the slasher, another based on something that might happen and little or no supernatural things that stand in the way of the whole massacre. And the way they took out the last villain is wow. Let’s talk about the visceral. B&S on films

Few films can claim to describe a dangerous journey into the wilderness as realistic and haunting as this one. Although it is relatively simple (it usually is), there seems to be a hint of sick religion. Movie Gonzo

Just Before Dawn is one of the last films to evoke the pure wonder and horror of the best genre films of the seventies…. Lieberman’s film is cleverly made, well acted, disturbing and terrifying. It’s a classic drive-in thriller that fans of that time shouldn’t miss out on. Monsters in the game

I beg you to look for it; it may not be the most fashionable or the fastest to appear, but it is certainly one that you should investigate further. If you’re in the mood for an exciting, tight, well thought-out piece of work, thoughtful from start to finish in ninety minutes, then Lieberman’s personal thirst for greatness is something for you. Wedding rivers

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The actors and characters:

George Kennedy… Roy McLean
Mike Kellin… Uncle Ty
Chris Lemmon… Jonathan
Gregg Henry… Warren
Deborah Benson… Constance
Ralph Seymour… Daniel
Katie Powell… Jolly Cat Logan (played by Katie Powell)
John Hunsaker … Mountain twins
Charles Bartlett … Vachel
Jamie Rose … Megan
Hap Oslund… Daddy Logan
Barbara Spencer… My Logan.

Shooting locations:

Silver Falls, Sublimity, Oregon.

Nice facts:

Blondie’s song Glass Heart is being broadcast on RV radio.


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