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Joyce Bulifant: now and then

Joyce Bulifant: now and then

Celebrity then and now
Release : . Published on Lexie Schwartz.

Joyce Bulifant: now and then

Celebrities from past and present.

Publication :
Published on Lexie Schwartz

Joyce Bulifant: now and then





The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Dr. Kildare, Strange Science.

Net value:
$1.4 million

Currently known:
Retired actress

Famous years:

Date of birth:
16. December 1937




The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Dr. Kildare, Strange Science.



$1.4 million



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I never intended to marry famous Hollywood men, it just happened. Joyce Bulifant was immediately recognized for her cheerful southern voice and is a popular theatre, television and film actress with a career spanning four decades. Her undisputed virginal voice made her one of the most famous faces in Mary Tyler Moore’s show from 1970 to 1977, when she played the role of Mary Slaughter. She was also originally scheduled to play the role of Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch, but this role was taken over by Florence Henderson, as Bulifant has appeared regularly at classic game shows such as Password Plus, Chain Reaction and Match Game. Along the way she appeared on a screen in a fake comedy airplane from 1980 and even won the World Theatre Award for her participation in a production from the 1960s: Take it, it’s mine. Retired since 2005, let’s look at Bulifant’s career, what she’s doing now, and her noisy marriages with some of Hollywood’s most famous leaders!

Beginning of life and career: Falling in love with the lighthouse

Joyce Collins Bulifant was born on the 16th. December 1937 in Newport News, Virginia. She attended the prestigious Solebury School, a boarding school known for its excellent graduates such as actors Jack Coleman and Peter Hobbs. While studying at the Solebury School, Bulifant met a young actor, James MacArthur, son of the legendary actress Helen Hayes, who was known as the First Lady of American theater and as one of only 15 people in history received an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. Actually, I was 14 when I first met Jimmy when we were at boarding school together. Bulifant remembers his first love affair, and we started dating a few years later, but only after I told him he had to join a drama club because I spent all my time there.

Bulifant and MacArthur graduated from the Solebury School in 1955 and only married three years later. They soon formed a family with the birth of Maria’s daughter, followed by the birth of her son Karl. However, Bulifant’s life at home with MacArthur was not as happy as she had thought when she spent the next decade in a violent relationship, fighting MacArthur’s growing fame as Danny Dano Williams in the long Hawaii 5-0 series.

When he wasn’t working, he drank more, and the situation became terrible, Bulifant confessed. The biggest problem was the idea that he would be better every day and not bad. That he won’t be mad at the kids. He’s not gonna say I’m stupid and crazy and don’t know what I’m doing. He was cruel… I think verbal abuse is so hard because you can’t see the scars… …but they never go away. I didn’t know he was still like that when kids grow up, very verbally offensive.

In the midst of a stormy first marriage, Bulifant continued her career in the spotlight and made her first television appearance as a dancer at the Arthur Murray Dance Party from 1950 to 1960. In 1959 she made her Broadway debut in Tall Story and played Timmy Barnes in Too Young to Go Quietly. As soon as she gained some recognition on Broadway, she returned to television and starred in the play of the week, The Hollow City, Thriller, The General Electric Theatre, Premiere in Alcoa, Hansmoke, My Three Sons, The Empire, Perry Mason, The Real McCoy, McHale’s Navy, Virginia and The Wagon Train. In 1964 she played the role of Mary Gentry in the film Tom, Dick and Mary, but two years later she had even more success when she won the permanent role of Judy Cannon in the film Dr. Kildare.

Collaboration with Disney and Schwartz: Frustration Business and Bradycardia Show

When Amy Rogers returned to Broadway in 1967 as a Paisley convertible, Bulifant divorced MacArthur that same year and started a new life as an actress and single mother of two children. She made her screen debut in 1967 in the music film The Happiest Millionaire, where she met Walt Disney herself. I was recording a song for The Happiest Millionaire when he came out of his office, she remembers. He hugged me and said I’m going to the studio with you. I said: Oh, Mr. Disney, that’s so sweet! I couldn’t believe the special attention. He said: And young lady, I have big plans for you! And then he died… Only later did I learn that Disney was working on a series where Leslie Ann Warren and I would be tour guides in Disneyland and our boys Tommy Steele and John Davison. Wouldn’t that be nice? But there you have it. That’s life. It’s show business.

Bulifant played in the Woody Woodbury Show and Lancer for the next few years before she caught the attention of Gilligan’s creator, Sherwood Schwartz, who thought she would be the perfect actress to play The Brady Bunch in his new sitcom. Bulifant auditioned and got the role after ABC producers fell in love with her comic rendition of Carol Brady. But soon something changed and Bulifant was excluded from the series and replaced by Florence Henderson. I was signed, sealed and delivered to Mrs. Brady playing in the Brady Bank, Bulant remembers. One Friday I showed my wardrobe to the director and producer (and writer Sherwood Schwartz), but they behaved very strangely. When I asked what happened, they sat me down and told me that the management of the CBA in New York wanted Florence Henderson to take over the role.

Stunned by the news after the signing of the seven-year contract, Bulifant turned directly to Schwartz, only to discover that the creator of the series was just as devastating. The little girls were actresses who had to look like me, and Sherwood was devastated because the show had a completely different meaning than what he was looking for, said Bulifant about his intention to play the role of Carol with a lot of humour, while the housekeeper Alice had to be played immediately. So Sherwood saw the show, but that night he came to my house and told me Florence had the part. Then they had to replace the housekeeper with a comic role. Sherwood was very upset and asked me to do his next show – Big John, Little John – but it only lasted a season, when The Brady Bunch became a big success. But that’s the way it is in this business. Florence was a good actress and a good lady. I caught up with her in the years after, but we never talked about what happened.

Progress : Life after loss of the Brady package

After the loss of The Brady Bunch, Bulifant was hired to play the lead role in NBC’s new sitcom, The Bill Cosby Show, which was the first sitcom of the same name with an African-American actor. Although the series lasted only two seasons, she was a crowd pleaser, putting Bulifant back in the limelight when she appeared in the 1970 episode of Bonanza, before getting the recurring role of Marie Slaughter in the 1971 Mary Tyler Moore Show. Over the course of the next six seasons of the series, Bulifant became a household name in the role that eventually determined her career when she was given other roles in the series Love for Neighbor and Love for American Style.

Thanks to his success with the show, Mary Tyler Moore, Bulifant made a name for himself in the game show circuit and was a semi-regular expert in game shows from 1973 to 1982 and game shows from 1975 to 1977. In 1976 Schwartz kept his promise and retired to the role of Marjorie Martin in his new series Big John, Little John, but the series only lasted one season. From there she played in Pyramid, Troika, Alice, Turnabout and Bears of bad news. From 1979 to 1981 she played another recurring role in Password Plus and the rest of the eighties she played roles in Flo, the Harper Valley PTA, Facts of Life and the American Playhouse. As for her career on screen, she returned to the cinema in 1980 to parody a plane. She then returned for the American comedy Diamonds in 1999 and the film Dirty Love in 2005, both directed by her son John Mallory Asher.

Marriage to high-ranking persons: Five Hollywood novels by Buliphant

In addition to his life in the spotlight, Bulifant’s private life is often in the news thanks to his marriages with some of Hollywood’s most famous protagonists. After the divorce of Hawaiian star James MacArthur 5-0 in 1967, she found love for the second time with Days of Our Lives star Edward Mallory. When they married in 1969, they lived together for five years and welcomed their son John Mallory into the world before the divorce in 1974. Ed had a very dark side. He shouted a lot and said he was going to commit suicide, Buliphant confessed. He did not insult the children in any way, except that he yelled at everything. Nothing’s ever been right… I just thought it was me. Did I cause this problem? I always thought it was my fault. One day I came home and saw him drinking straight out of a vodka bottle. I’ve been thinking: I don’t think I am. He must have a drinking problem. In this area… I was a very stupid blonde.

Divorced from Mallory in 1974, she spent the next two years alone until she met and fell in love with the enchanted director William Escher. Once again, Bulifant found itself in a similar situation in which Usher resorted to drugs and alcohol to cope with depression after a series of minor strokes. He got depressed and took antidepressants. Then he couldn’t sleep, so he took sleeping pills and drank. It changed his whole personality, Bulant remembers. He became angry and difficult. I should have told him: If you get help, I’ll be there for you forever. But if you don’t, I can’t do it anymore. And that’s it. The 17th. The day I left.

Bulifant divorced Mallory in 1993 and was briefly married to Glade Bruce Hansen from 2000 to 2001. After her fourth divorce, Mrs. Bulifant went to a rehabilitation clinic to detoxify and eventually discovered that she had married men whom she could not correct despite her good intentions. I thought if they knew I loved them, they’d stop drinking, they’d confess. As a codependent human being, I’ve nurtured this bad behavior… I went to a drug detox center because I was addicted to helping people and fixing things.

In 2002, Bulifant was married for the fifth and last time (at least for now) when she exchanged the marriage vows with actor Roger Perry after his wife Joe Anne Worley divorced him. But above all, this relationship of love of the heart began in 1962, when we worked together. We were like ships passing in the night. Our friend called us star lovers, said Bulant about their love of life. He was happy because Roger had stopped drinking. My children, the boy, love and respect him. It’s just a very loving and generous marriage. We look at each other and we talk: It’s a miracle.

In July 2018, Bulifant lost the love of his life to prostate cancer; Perry was 85 years old. I have physically lost the love of my life, but spiritually he is still with me, said Bulifant, 80, after the death of her husband. I was lucky to take care of him at home until his death, and I am grateful that we had a rich and full life together.



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