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The benefits of a personal assistant, without the expense.


Using SEO and online marketing agencies can quickly get expensive. While it is true that with rankingCoach it is you who take matters into your own hands, your investment will be rewarded when your site is displayed on the first page of Google.

Without technical knowledge

With rankingCoach, improve your website ranking in search engines even if you have never done SEO before. rankingCoach will be your guide and your mentor: texts and videos accompany you in specific tasks in order to improve the visibility of your site online, no matter which content management system (CMS) you use.

Tailored to your needs

After entering your main keywords, rankingCoach offers you other alternatives that are relevant to you and your business. The degree of competition as well as the search volume are shown for each term, allowing you to choose the keywords that are best suited for you. Also clarify who your competitors are and try to always be one step ahead of them!

SEO is an ongoing process


rankingCoach performs an onpage and offpage SEO analysis of your website. The term “onpage” refers primarily to what you and search engines can see, while “offpage” refers more to discussions about and links to your site.


Based on the results of the analysis, rankingCoach takes your keywords into account and suggests others that might be relevant. Then, you just have to follow the different steps explained by the videos and texts available, in order to improve the SEO of your website. These recommendations are tailored to your needs, regardless of which website builder or CMS you use.


SEO is an ongoing process. You might not see the improvements immediately, but rankingCoach stays by your side until you get results. By analyzing your keywords and those of your competitors, you will receive concrete suggestions to achieve even higher positioning.

Immediate results with Google Ads

Targeted advertising

With Google Ads, attract the right people at the right time! Your ads appear above or below search results in Google when people search for your products or services.

Automated texts

Your SEO keywords will be used to generate ads that appear on Google when people search for your business.

Budget limit

Google Ads works on a cost-per-click basis, which means you only pay if someone clicks on an ad to get to your site. You can set a budget limit that rankingCoach will respect to optimize your visibility on Google.

Pack overview


3 months at5€ HT / month( 6 € incl.then 10 € HT / month ( 12 € incl.


Referencing (SEO)
Optimize your website without prior knowledge to improve your ranking on Google.


3 months at10€ HT / month( 12 € incl.then 20 € HT / month ( 24 € incl.


Referencing (SEO)
Optimize your website without prior knowledge to improve your ranking on Google.

Advertising (SEA)
In addition to SEO, set your flexible advertising budget and use Google Ads to properly target your customers.

€ 75 credit for your first Google ads
Start using Google Ads now and get € 75 credit for your ads. Credit valid for the first 30 days for all new Google Ads customers.

1 – strengthen your internal linking

Probably the easiest and most overlooked tactic to improve a page’s ranking is to build internal links to it. You should aim to create an organized and comprehensive network of internal links linking all of the pages of iamdigitalninja seo company in delhi.

  • Even if you have a “perfect” navigation & tree structure, there are still opportunities to linkdirectly from one page to another.
  • Therefore, always keep in mind to add internal links when creating & uploading new content / new page.
  • The smartest way to work your internal links is to focus primarily on pages already positioned on the 2nd page of Google: a simple “boost” can sometimes make them leave the door of the first page and thus bring you additional traffic. not insignificant.

Links to other websites are good for your SEO, although it might seem a bit counterintuitive. External links play an important role in how Google and other search engines see your site because citing authoritative sources makes your content more reliable and credible.  As a result, linking to reputable sources can actually help your SEO efforts. Of course, only link if the information on the external website is relevant to that in your content.

In the same vein as what we saw above with 404 pages, be aware that keeping broken links on your site can penalize your SEO.

  • The good news is that if you are using a popular platform, there is probably a plugin to check this automatically(eg  Broken Link Checker  on WordPress).
  • Otherwise, you can easily find sites that offer you to run a free audit to spot non-functional links on your site.

Improve the user experience by respecting these basic principles

4 – Improve the structure of your content to make it more readable

The easier your content is to read, the more you can hope to retain the visitor on your page (which is an excellent SEO signal ).

  • Help the reader (and search engines) understand the logic of your content by structuring it with H1, h4, H3 tags, etc.
  • Use bulleted listsand bold to improve the readability of your content. In addition to better satisfying your visitors, Google’s algorithm will also appreciate.

5 – Make sure your site is mobile friendly

It is impossible to ignore the incredible impact of mobile devices on the daily lives of Internet users. Therefore, ensuring that the user experience of its site is compatible with these devices is more crucial than ever.

  • You can go directly to your Google Search Console, which now includes a “Mobile usability” report.
  • In the “Performance” section, it is also possible to compare your SEO positions for each type of device.


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