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For so long, the words ” woman ” and ” muscle ” hardly seemed to coexist within the same sentence. But this is not surprising. With all the words that revolve around fitness, such as ” volume “, ” build “, ” toning “, ” shape “, ” dry “, etc. (and the list is endless), it’s easy to get confused. or even scared of what they are trying to sell us these days.

Because information is raining all over the place (thank you Internet!), We want to give you a hands-on approach to building a great body. There will be no smoke screen in this article, as is often the case online.

Actually, this article is quite long, so consider a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever), sit down and take some notes.

Note : This is not a sad diet coupled with an impossible program. We give you something much better; something that works. The principles that lead to success, and those that you can reuse again and again, even if the method changes (and yes, a change will eventually be necessary as you progress).

Today, we are revealing to you the famous “secrets” of the why and how behind these successes. And this is where many diets and workout programs fail. It seems more that they are confined to making you do something without explaining to you the method behind the machinery.

How about having the freedom to be able to manipulate the “rules” of popular diets, and training methods you’ve spent so much time on, while having results, because now you will know how they work?

You know, the kind of results you see in “ before and after ” images .
We’re not talking here just about losing a little weight, but rather eliminating your excess fat, refining your figure, strengthening it… and getting sexy!

Do you want to eat without feeling like you’re restricting yourself, having a strong and attractive body, and without becoming a slave to a rigid routine (and as a bonus having a social life)?

Does this sound too good to be true?

You might get that feeling at first glance, but it isn’t, and there’s no reason it should.

It’s just a matter of finding a diet that you can stick to, build muscle and lose fat at your own pace and according to your own goals . We suggest that you use weights that will challenge you, and increase the load, to improve your results.

It doesn’t sound very sexy, a bit like an ad trying to sell you a new fruit extract that promises to melt you fat. But this approach is sexier, gentler, but also safer.

This method is sexy because it works and will continue to benefit you.

It’s a bit like the tall, beautiful stranger who doesn’t speak much, versus the flashy, kinda playboy type who tells you what you want to hear.

Again, this method is completely FREE, and you can even download workout plans in PDF or Excel format to track your progress.

It’s common to hear from a coach or someone somewhat involved in the fitness world that many women fail to get the body they want, due to the multitude of information available, saying they should or shouldn’t use weights because… “(put what you want)”.

A lot of money has been wasted and a lot of frustration ensues for those who then wish to see positive changes in their bodies.

But, we are here to change that. Women are realizing more and more that weight training is not just for men anymore, and that it also allows them to get the results they want, in addition to a whole host of other things .

You won’t become “hyper-muscular” lifting too much weight, on the contrary, you will get firmer buttocks, more shapely arms and better sculpted abs. The only difficulty with this change is getting it right .

Where then will you find all the information you need? What program will you take? What exercises to perform at a gym near me for girls? What about your diet?

We are going to answer all these questions for you. You don’t need to have any knowledge of athletics, and you don’t even have to be familiar with the terminology.

Below are a few requests we’ve received from women who think strength training might be what they need, but do n’t know where to start .

You have questions ? We have the answers

Who doesn’t want it? And why are muscles important in achieving this goal? Strength training is a tool for changing the size or appearance of your muscles, which in turn changes your shape and appearance.

When we mention refining or shaping , these are never just terms for a change in appearance. 

Take for example your “gluteus maximus” (the gluteus maximus). Many women would like a round but firm buttocks. Maybe yours isn’t, or lacks definition?

Maybe he’s fat without being firm?

Or maybe you’re thin, but with nothing really to show from behind? From the side maybe there are a few curves, but more in the form of a pancake than a peach.

There are three ways for you to change the way your butt looks. You can : 

  1. Take a lot of fat. Most will probably end up in your butt, but that is only determined by how your body stores fat (influenced by the genetic factor). This is not usually the method people would like to use. However, after this fat gain, the shape of your buttocks is often out of control.
  2. You can train your glutes to increase in size or become more assertive. You can force the muscle to adapt using different movements. Over time, the muscle will become refined and firm (this is what ” toned” means in English).
  3. You can diet to lose excess fat but the genetic factor will make you unable to predict what your butt will look like when you diet.

So which option do you think is the most suitable? The one that you can control through your training, right?

This is the reason why weight training is of utmost importance if your goal is to slim down or strengthen yourself.


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