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Finally, the full story of the Grinch is told through the wonderful story of Sir Anthony Hopkins. The rejected Grinch lives on the outskirts of Wowill, at the top of Mount Crumpit. Grinch hates everything about Will and his people, but most of all, he hates Christmas. After the public humiliation of the Grinch in August May, a former Grinch children’s hooligan, the Grinch decides to steal every last bit of Christmas stuff from the people of Whoville. But the question remains: Who will be the first to discover the true meaning of Christmas – the Grinch or who?

How De Grinch Stole The Resumption At Christmas

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Finally, the complete story of De Grinch is told by the beautiful story of Sir Anthony Hopkins. Everyone in Wowill celebrates Christmas every year. They give beautiful parties with lots of decorations. A year later the Grinch arrived in Wowill as a baby and was soon adopted by two older sisters, Clamella and Rose Who (Mindy Sterling and Rachel Winfrey). The Grinch is a shy child who is afraid of other children, except Martha May Vovier (Landry Albright), one of the most beautiful girls of her school.

The Grinch (Josh Ryan Evans) is in love with Martha May, who sympathizes with him. But another student named August May, who (Ben Bookbinder) is jealous that Martha May loves the Grinch more than him, jokes about the Grinch because he has a beard. The Grinch then tries to shave and ends up cutting his face, ridiculing everyone at school except Martha May. The Grinch goes crazy and says he hates Christmas. He leaves Wowill and takes refuge at the top of Mount Crumpit, where he finds his new home.

Years later, the Grinch (Jim Carrey) still lives at the top of Mount Crumpit. The Grinch was an outcast in Wowill because he was mean, especially at Christmas. Six-year-old Cindy Lou, who (Taylor Momsen) thinks that everyone in Wowill neglects Christmas, cares too much about gifts and holidays and not enough about personal relationships. She met a Grinch at the post office and felt sorry for him. Later Cindy Lou gets to know the past of the Grinch, which makes her more sympathetic to the Grinch.

Cindy Lou places the Grinch in the role of fan of the city festival. Augustus (Jeffrey Tambor), who is currently mayor of Will, doesn’t like it. Cindy Lou agrees to warn the Grinch and climbs Mount Crumpit to invite the Grinch to the party. The Grinch participates as cheerleader in various events. The Grinch is having fun at the party, but when Augustus gives him an electric razor, he returns all the child wounds that accompanied the public embarrassment of the Grinch.

To make matters worse, August Martha May (Christine Baransky) proposes to marry her and offers her a very expensive wedding ring. The Grinch gets angry and reprimands everyone for their materialism. He points out that all their gifts end up in the garbage that is eventually dumped on Mount Crumpit near his house. The Grinch burns the Christmas tree, and before he returns to Mount Crumpit, he gets angry.

The Grinch reaches his limits and forges a plan to destroy someone’s Christmas spirit by stealing all his gifts, jewels and food while he sleeps on Christmas Eve. The Grinch disguises himself as Santa Claus and dresses his dog Max like a deer. Then they go to Will’s house with a sled. First the Grinch enters Cindy Lou’s house and starts filming everything during the Christmas period. Cindy Lou wakes up and thinks the Grinch stole her Christmas tree.

De Grinch lies to Cindy Lou and tells her that he brings a tree to his shop to repair a broken light bulb. Then he puts her back to bed. The Grinch then systematically robbed every house in Wowill and put all the bad Christmas stuff in a huge bag. Then he and Max climb to the top of Krumpit Mountain to destroy all the stolen items by pushing the bag off the cliff.

Everyone wakes up to the robbery on Christmas morning. Augustus accuses Cindy Lou of letting the Grinch ruin the city’s holiday. But her father, the postmaster of the city, Lou Lou, who (Bill Irwin) is at the side of her daughter. The postmistress explains to the city that she has finally understood that Cindy Lou has tried to explain to the whole city that Christmas is not only about beautiful gifts and decorations, but also about communicating with family and friends. The city gets together for Cindy Lou and starts singing a Christmas song.

Meanwhile, the Grinch listens to a Christmas carol on top of Mount Crumpit. He doesn’t understand why someone keeps celebrating Christmas, especially because he stole everything to do with it. Suddenly Grinch realizes that he couldn’t stop Christmas because, as Cindy Lou said, Christmas comes with family and friends.

When you discover the true meaning of Christmas, the extraordinarily small heart of the Grinch immediately grows in three sizes. But the sled full of presents starts with Cindy Lou, who has come with the Grinch at Christmas to slide off the cliff. The Grinch suddenly gets the power to lift all the weight of the sled and pull it safely with Cindy Lou. Then the Grinch, Cindy Lou and Max come down the mountain to bring back all of Will’s people.

Arriving in Wowill, the Grinch apologizes to the citizens for his transgressions and gives up. The villagers accept his apology and ignore the arrest requests of August and Grinch pepper spray. Martha Mae rejects Augustus’ marriage proposal, returns his engagement ring and tells him that his heart belongs to the Grinch. The famous grumpy then joins the Christmas party of the Who and cuts the roast of the animal.

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