• It’s a film of hope.
    • It’s also an exchange for a maxi-cheque dress.
    • That makes Wonder Woman the ultimate superhero.
    • Yet there are many problems

Patricia Jenkins / Bourgeois Friday/ ?

What Patricia has done – and I think it’s disrespectful to call her Patty now – is give us a female superhero who can provoke an emotional reaction from men.

I’m not talking about putting out a hilarious smile.

Can a real superhero get up?

In 2017 I loved the character of Diana Prince in Wonder Woman. She saw the modern world through old eyes and saw this world as good and bad, as black and white. She came with armor, a shield and a sword.

She was like an unironic, non-monkey Lady Thor.

But his debut was ruined by all the nonsense that came out of the writers’ room. Worst of all were the cronies of the United Nations, who seemed to be a direct copy of Steve Roger’s crew in Captain America: First Avenger.

An Arab, an American, a Jew, an Indian and a sheep lover enter a bar….

It was embarrassing and at one point it was embarrassing.

But I understand why they did it – they thought Gal couldn’t wear it.

Which was probably true. Gal, as beautiful and caring as she is, is not Robert Downey Jr. Wife because there’s no Robert Downey Jr.. A woman there.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ Not at all.

Yet three years later Gal is asked to wear the film and for a woman who really can’t act, she carries the burden admirably well.

In the 1980s, Wonder Woman confronts both Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), an oil salesman, and Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), a nerdy gemologist whose desire to become like Diana turned her into a villain.

Wishes are the vanity of cinema. The magic stone fulfils people’s wishes, but as in the legend of the monkey leg, mentioned several times in the film, there is always a terrible price to pay.

We all know what our Amazon princess wants.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ This could be fun. Destroyed by the trailer.

This brings us to what distinguishes the film from other women’s action films:

Jenkin humanizes Wonder Woman not only as a figure of heroic action, but also as a figure of total and selfless sacrifice that is the ultimate act of courage and honor.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ Do you like it? (apparent confusion)

If you want men in the cinema for a women’s action movie, do it.

Look, Kevin, this is how you broaden your audience.

Instead of letting them buy a ticket by lying to them about the importance of the film for your 22-movie franchise, just try to make your female superhero a likable character.

But don’t get carried away.

Wonder Woman 1984 is not a great movie. That could certainly have been the case, but he misses the target many times with incomprehensible mistakes that almost ruin the experience.

It’s a good film, but if you look at it in the context of the current cultural climate around gender and politics, it will be a surprising achievement.

What’s good?.

Let’s first talk about what the film is, because that’s really part of its greatness. There’s a lot of politics and culture in it, so if you don’t like it, go straight to what’s in the film.

It’s not an anti trumpet.

Saying that the evil Maxwell Lord is Donald Trump’s understudy is a ridiculous idea. Lord is charismatic and superficially charming; something no one has ever accused the biting and cruel Donald Trump of.

God is more of a YouTube guru than anything else – he will increase your money tenfold.

Now, at the height of the film, there is a moment that can be considered a forward-looking look at the programming or simply coincidence. I prefer to see it as a coincidence, because otherwise it would mean…. Well, uh… That would mean that we have no power at all and that democracy is a sham.

He’s not a pathetic Captain Marvel.

  • There is no rhetoric about the fact that women can really do everything that men can do if these bad men wouldn’t oppress women all their lives.
  • There is no meta-commentary in which the actress makes accusations that she does not laugh enough or has dirty, blackened feet. Yes, they were both featured in Captain Marvel, and the media referred to them as a fictional troll audience of misogynist men.
  • There’s nothing condescending or lascivious about Wonder Woman 1984. There is not a single line of Diana or the good guys in the film that drips with resentment or anger. There are no sarcastic, unpleasant, passive-aggressive tones.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ Did anyone else get sapphire tones on this scene or am I just a pervert?

Although Cheetah fits the sad and messy stereotype of a stranger, she is not bitter. She just takes it with a gentle sigh. They sincerely sympathize with her because she’s nice.

Again: mean, grumpy, insecure, very clumsy, unpleasant:

A paragon of class, grace and joy:

Okay, it’s not Captain Marvel, but what’s so great about this movie?

The eighth. World War II, that’s great. It is a tradition, or as the young people on the board say, to exchange FAs.

What Diana wants most in life is just to be reunited with her boyfriend.

Wonder Woman as she leads the generic life of a Hollywood female character as a strong and independent woman, like the fairy princess in The Lord of the Rings who only loved once in her life.

Men love the idea

The cheetah just wants to be loved and have friends. And when she gets her wish, she uses it first to be funny, to be in the center of attention and, most importantly, to be sexy.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ I think they match. Really, I am.

It is a film in which women and men find themselves attractive without being labeled poisonous. Yes, there’s a subtitle about stalking, but it’s not the man who finds a woman attractive, it’s an attack!

Men are the same.

You see, in Hollywood, men love women to be beautiful.

Wonder Woman 1984 knows this because it’s the next step:

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ I think this is the wrong deal.

But she’s more than just a pretty face.

Diane’s a good man.

She is kind, gentle, understanding and caring. Even in a hand-to-hand fight with the wicked, she asks them to remember who they are, to remember their humanity, to repent and to return to the light.

I don’t even need a costume from him, just give me the Diana Prince show. I’d like to see this sweet, beautiful woman make the world a better place by being such a wonderful person.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ Yes, that’s our heroine with the mother of her dead boyfriend.

That’s what heroes should be.

I understand that the kind of action requires a woman to hit, kick and crush, but it’s nice to see an action character with a feminine side.

And because it does not solve all problems by splitting things up, Wonder Woman 1984 becomes a battle of ideas and philosophy, even superficial.

What’s more, this film is thought-provoking. Instead of Marvel’s patented Punch Punch Laughter formula, the Punch Punch Feeling Laughter Thinking Punch.

And it’s deliberate. Jenkins was merely the director of the first Wonder Woman, of which she is also the writer and producer, for whom she takes both the honour and the responsibility.

But I have to do more.

Okay, first of all:

  1. Take your medication.
  2. Look again at the war of infinity.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks Iron Man 3 is the worst MCU movie because it’s the most boring, get off my page!

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ Totally!

Sorry, I got carried away.

I don’t know, when I think of Wonder Woman 1984, something comes out of me. Maybe because it has a real emotional impact.

From the cat in the house receiving attention for the first time, to the return of the dead love of her life, to the loser screaming to her son that I am not a loser, moments of emotional character are always left aside.

A lot of them don’t come to my house, but some do. And in that respect, it’s a unique superhero movie: You care more about how these people feel than seeing your childhood heroes doing heroic things on screen.

It’s something very beautiful in modern media entertainment. This is something to glorify and present as an example of yes, do more.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆

What is?

The action is carried out in a fragmented way. Most action geometries make sense, and when they do, as in the confrontation between Cheetah and Diana in the White House, it is one of the best action films of recent years.

But at other times, like when Wonder Woman rescues people at the beginning of the movie, I started asking questions like how she lasso…. supports.

Until I realized that nothing matters because… a superhero movie.

Disappointing. A little more effort, a little more realism and it’s a better film.

Stupid superhero movie

There is much common dialogue with superheroes.

For example: Diane’s eight-year-old me is basically ten minutes from You got it, girl!

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ No, don’t.

It is possible to transform these moments of trivial chatter into moments of real character development.

Instead of saying little Diana: I can do it. Let him tell me: I’m smaller, I can go faster on the home stretch.

This makes them not only strong, but also intelligent. Anyway, it could have been worse:

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ Much, much worse….

Admirable, but misleading.

As one of the writers of the film, Freman, remarked, the antagonists are not so much bad guys as vagrants, which is a kind of metaphor for the film itself.

A large part of Wonder Woman 1984 is essentially two stories about the origins of the bad guys. These bad guys are great concepts that are immature. It’s not rude, it’s not Amazing Spider-Man 2 or the Civil War. These people have deep-seated psychological flaws, based on life experiences, which cause them to deviate from their path.

And because Max Lord cannot be defeated by armpower alone, he goes out of the standard mould of comic book adaptations that always make the best comic book adaptations.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ Do you remember the last time a superhero stepped out of line?

Unfortunately, there is not much wrong with these provenance stories. In fact, they’re almost extinct. Which brings us to the following point

What is not good.

In the beginning, the total absence of Pet The Dog sometimes broke the dip for me completely. I can accept sentimentality, but it clearly has to be real, otherwise it’s naked and manipulative.

This subgroup on sexual harassment. Stupid, nagging son. Save the Arab children.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ Gal, you are a Jew, so be a Jew. Don’t help an Arab. Bombing an Arab. Before Christmas.

Diana’s a Jedi.

And then there are a few times that Wonder Woman shows new powers and possibilities that I think come out of the comic book, and they suck.

For example: Out of nowhere, Diana can make shit invisible and make the plane she’s got in sight invisible… because she’s got an invisible beam in the comic book.

The movie just stopped for me.

Luckily Jenkins saves this clumsy guy with a nice relationship moment: Steve Trevor saw the fireworks over Washington, D.C., and said 4. July and flies in the explosions in his now invisible plane.

It was beautiful on the big screen. It’s so great that you forget the crap they did to get you to this point.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆ Good condition.

But next time the movie just stopped.

She can what? How will they get their other new skills in the context of the Justice League and Superman vs. Explain Batman? Does that mean they’re abandoning the rest of the larger DC universe?

Much of 1984 Wonder Woman doesn’t make sense.

So I understand.

I understand very well why people don’t like this movie. It’s cheesy here and there. It will be dismantled elsewhere. There are shiny holes – did they fly all the way to Egypt with just one tank of gasoline? But a lot of superhero movies are like that.

Has anyone tried watching Superman movies?

Has anyone seen Wonder Woman again?

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆

What I don’t understand is hate.

I think there are a lot of things that feed a general aversion to film and maybe color my judgment:

  • I saw it in the movie. Most people have seen it on television. People have been watching a lot of TV since the coffee break. It all fits together.
  • I’m not looking at anything. Then maybe I’ll be less cynical. Luckily there was no train in that movie, I could walk out of the cinema!
  • Too awake! There is a cottage industry against the awakening of social media cat-supermarketers who earn a lot of money with graduation films, especially in the field of political/gender affairs. So they’re gonna play this shit.
  • Not awake enough! Critics don’t like it because it’s about business and not social issues (a comment I don’t like to hear).

There are always reasons not to like movies, especially this one, but in general Wonder Woman 1984 surprised me in a positive way.

To quote one of our loyal readers:

It wasn’t great, but it was good and hopeful, which is refreshing.

And that’s more than enough.

We need an abundance of hope for what’s to come.

George Bailey Made a Superhero Movie ⋆

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