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In this super-amusing romantic series set in the beautiful, snowy Norwegian town of Røros, 30-year-old Johanna tries to find a new boyfriend in the 24 days leading up to Christmas……

Johanna (Ida Alice Broch) is a sparkling Norwegian. She lives in an apartment building with a friend in Riros and works as a nurse in the local hospital.

But, uh… Johanna’s 30 and… she’s still single. All too often she is reminded that it is not good for her age…. especially at Christmas in December.

The first season of Home for Christmas, which premiered on the 5th. December 2019 published, begins with an early Christmas dinner at Johanna’s parents’ home.

The scene in the house at Christmas. Photo: Netflix

At this dinner Johanna is placed between her brother’s twins because she gets along well with them.

When others push her to have a boyfriend and become a mother herself, Joanna panics and suddenly tells her she has a new boyfriend.

Immediately the whole family can’t wait to meet him. But here’s the problem: Johanna doesn’t really have a boyfriend. But, uh… she’s got 24 days to find one…

The scene in the house at Christmas. Photo: Netflix

Looking for true love for Christmas, Johanna goes on a couple of dates.

For example, there is Stein, the athlete, who lets her ski with him and then abandons her because she is too slow to follow him.

And then there is this 18 year old (almost 19) Swedish boy named Jonas (Felix Sandman, from Quicksand Netflix), who meets Johanna through a dating application. His parents seem to be incredibly rich, so he has a very luxurious house while his parents are in Stockholm.

Johanna, 30, and her 18-year-old bastard, Jonas, have a date in a nightclub that soon turns into a fiery encounter. Photo: Netflix

And then there’s the man who has a bit of anger and panics when he goes to the escape room on his date with Johanna.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Joanna also goes out with a hot lesbian in a public place, tries a quick date with a bunch of lunatics and goes to the movies with a guy who absolutely hates the Christmas classic Love Actually.

Well, the joys and the pitfalls of dating… Don’t we hate them all and love them all at once?

Johanna’s appointments usually take place in the beautiful Norwegian town where she lives: Rose.

Rheoros is a town full of snowy wooden houses that look almost too cute to be true…. But Røros is a real Norwegian town, and people really live there!

The city is located in the centre of Norway, close to the city of Trondheim and the Swedish border. It was a copper mining town and it still has a museum that tells the story of that time.

Find out how to visit the city of Røros in Norway and how to find the locations for Home for Christmas in this travel blog post.

The scene of the house at Christmas and I in August 2020 was on the same street where this scene was filmed. Photo 1 : Netflix. Photo 2: Sonia Iranian.

There’s a little bit of everything in this show: Firstly, it is very suitable (especially for all single women over the age of 30) for the modern aspect of the multicultural Norwegian society.

Second: It’s hilarious. Finally the series has an excellent location in snowy Norway and (very Christmasy)!

What else do you want to put in the mood for Christmas and the mating season?

The scene in the house at Christmas. Photo: Netflix

The first season ended on a cliffhanger, and I waited a year to find out which of the guys she was dating would actually be Johanna’s new boyfriend.

The second season ended on the 18th. December 2020, published on Netflix, focuses on the ups and downs of Johanna’s new relationship, as well as some of her exes and family issues, one year after the events of the first season.

The only drawback of this brilliant series is that each season has only 6 episodes. So you come by pretty fast when you’re watching the drinking. The 20th. In December 2020 I had already watched my second relay in two days.

Johanna has become a kind of Norwegian Bridget Jones to me, and I can’t wait to see how her (love) life will continue in 2021 (probably with some kind of closing theme, as next season will be shot in 2020).

Home for Christmas is a modern romantic Christmas fairy tale comedy that is hilarious as it deals with the real life we all know. Plus, it allows you to escape to a beautiful and fabulous winter wonderland in Norway called Roeros!

***** 5 stars on 5

Johanna on a date with True Love Hater. Photo: Netflix

Here’s to it: Have you ever been to Norway, or more precisely to Røros? Or did it inspire you at Christmas? If so, please let me know in the comments below!

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