E-scooters bring environmentally conscious driving fun into urban life. In addition to no-name suppliers from China, there are also products from German manufacturers. Our comprehensive purchase advice shows which models have proven themselves in the tests of experts and private users.

Our recommendation: NIU N1S e-scooter

Simple, elegant and smart – this is how our price-performance recommendation can be described in three words. The inner values ​​of the electric scooter are impressive: Bosch motor, powerful Li-ion battery and recuperation technology for energy recovery while driving. In addition, the eRoller NIU N1S communicates with the cloud and users receive information such as theft alarm, driving behavior, diagnostics or power supply directly on their smartphone.

The best e-scooters – what to look for when buying?

  • Engine power:The power of the installed engine determines the acceleration, with a maximum speed of 45 km / h. With a higher engine power, higher inclines can also be taken more easily. You should also pay attention to features such as the payload and whether another person can be taken. The electric scooters in our comparison have a battery power between 1,000 and an outstanding 7,000 W.
  • Range:Apart from driving style, temperature and distance, it is primarily dependent on the performance of the installed battery. Some electric scooters have integrated several of them and thus increase their route performance. In our comparison , the range varies between 50 and 180 km.
  • Price:E-scooters can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. The models in our test comparison cost between the inexpensive 1299 euros and the very luxurious 6540 euros. With configurable models, the price naturally varies depending on individual design and equipment requirements.

NIU N1S review overview – price / performance recommendation

The N-Series from the electric scooters in chennai manufacturer NIU is a pioneer model in our comparison in terms of Connected Driving. NIU is the only manufacturer to equip its vehicle with smart equipment. In constant communication with the NIU cloud, data on driving behavior, diagnostics and power supply can be viewed in real time via the extensive smartphone app. Particularly innovative: built-in theft protection through GPS as well as a display of the nearest workshop for an emergency.

The battery of the NIU N-Series is housed in the footwell, which creates more storage space in the seat. At 20 kilometers per hour, the battery should even achieve a full 80 km per charge. A second battery to extend the range can be accommodated in another compartment. The Bosch motor has an output of 1,500 to 2,400 W, depending on the configuration

Test reports compared to NIU N-Series

  • After testing the NIU N1S, the auto professionals from Auto Bild gave it a grade of 1 and headlined: “Almost nothing to complain about!” (Status: 06/2019)
  • The online portal dejudged after the test of the NIU N1S electric scooter: “The N1S may look unspectacular in design, but technically it is quite tough.” Above all, it’s a lot of fun. (Status: 11/2017)

Best price-performance ratio: LuXXon E3000

LuXXon E3000 is not a configurable branded electric scooter from Karcher AG and convinces with stable facts: the two-seater looks like a regular scooter, but runs on a 3,000 W battery and has a range of up to 60 km. Charger and top case are included in the price. However, we found a small disadvantage with the LuXXon E3000: Its charging time is quite long at up to 7 hours. This cheap model is only available from online retailers such as Amazon.

Compared to the NIU N1S e-scooter, the LuXXon E3000 is lighter, but offers less range, which is due to the weaker battery with 20 Ah. Karcher also uses a lead gel battery for the LuXXon. Li-ion variants offer more here, but are correspondingly more expensive.

Test reports on LuXXon E3000 compared
to LuXXon E3000 are currently no experience reports or customer reviews available.

Hawk 3000 – the sporty model

The angular design of the Hawk 3000 is more reminiscent of a motorcycle than an e-scooter. Not only the appearance of this model is sporty, the 3000 W motor is also convincing, the constant motor output is 2,000 watts. The comparatively short range of the removable lithium-ion battery of 60 kilometers can be doubled by buying a second battery, but at a steep price of almost 800 euros.

The electric scooter is charged via a normal socket, since the battery is removable, the Hawk 3000 is also suitable for city drivers who do not have their own garage and park the Hawk 3000 on the street or on the sidewalk. An integrated alarm system provides protection against thieves.

Test reports on Hawk 3000 in comparison
So far there are only 4 customer ratings on Amazon for this model, each with 5 out of 5 stars. We have not yet received any further experience reports or tests. (As of: 07/2020)

eRoller NIU N1S, LuXXon E3000 and Hawk 3000 in comparison – technical data

In comparison to the LuXXon E3000 and Hawk 3000, the NIU N1S can convince with its strong battery power and the stylish design. NIU relies on a good range for the electric scooter instead of advertising with large engine outputs. It pays off, the components are well coordinated and ensure driving pleasure.

lettrico Li 3000 – with Mediterranean charm

The Elettrico 3000 is not smart, but it is pretty. The e-scooter is available online in white and is in the middle of our test overview in terms of performance. As the name suggests, Elettrico Li has a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged and even removed within 3 to 4 hours. Unfortunately, it only offers a range of 60 km, but this can be doubled by inserting a second battery.

The engine output of 1,200 watts is not outstanding in this two-seater, a brand engine from Bosch is used for this. Strong arguments for the Elettrico 3000 Li are the well-coordinated components and the “Mediterranean design”.

Test reports on Elettrico Li in comparison
The team from elektroroller-scooter-test.de  is of the opinion that Elettrico Li 3000 has more than proven itself in their test and is happy to recommend it to others. (Status: 01/2020) We have not yet received a rating from Stiftung Warentest. (As of: 07/2020)


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