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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Season 2: Release Date and Renewal

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Season 2: Release Date and Renewal

Speaking of anime, Dragon Ball is the series with the most fans worldwide, and frankly, Dragon Ball Super is no different when it comes to fans.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Season 2: Release Date and Renewal

Dragon Ball’s Super Season 1 has become a favorite, and fans can finally experience the excitement of Dragon Ball’s Super Season 2 as it moves! Fan obsession has made the Dragonball franchise a success in the anime industry. And the fans are now waiting for the revival of the 2. Their happy ending makes them long for more Goku-Vegeta action.

What kind of rumors do we hear about the Super Season 2 Drakenbal?

As Newsweek reported, pre-sale production of the upcoming episodes has already started, as of September last year. The reason why the production was started in advance was to avoid the quality problems of the animation of the original series. The report also states that the designer, who was responsible for designing miniature models for Dragon Ball Super : Broley’s film will do the same for the second part. However, when the hearing arrived at the Toei Animation studio, it was immediately cancelled and Toei Animation Media spokesman David Sayatt stated that there was no episode in production at this time.

Maybe it’s because Toya’s animation is creating another mythological anime of Saint Seya: The Knights of the Zodiac with 12 episodes. Rumor has it that the release date is also confused with the premiere of Dragon Ball’s Super Season 2.

Is the Dragon Ball Super Series known?

Speaking of anime: Dragon Ball is one of the anime series with the largest number of fans worldwide, and frankly, Dragon Ball Super is no different when it comes to fans. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why Toei Animation created the new Dragon Ball series, movies and games. It is also very well possible that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is the next Toei animation project that can be played massively after Dragon Ball Super Broly.

When does the second season of Super Season Dragon Ball come out?

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Season 2: Release Date and Renewal

Dragonball Super

The big session of the second season of Dragon Ball is not yet fun for Toei Animation. However, after the new arc has been introduced in the final chapters of the manga, fans can hope that the coming season will follow the manga. In this case the fans don’t have to wait too long for the next payment. In addition, Toei Animation and Funimation want the synchronized and synchronized episodes to be broadcasted together. The Dragon Ball Super Show, which is called Super, ends in October-November 2019. It can therefore be assumed that the next season will be broadcast at the beginning of 2020.

Are there spoilers?

Yeah! After the events described in the manga, the coming season begins in a new era of Dragonball, with the introduction of a new villain. The new bow starts with a stage where fans can see how Universe 7 wrestlers train to become stronger and more powerful. In the next part of Goku et al. Goku et al. meet an agent of the Galactic Patrol, who tells the story of Moreau, the Planet Destroyer.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Season 2: Release Date and Renewal


Ten million years ago, a villain entered space, destroyed planets and turned them into dead stars to absorb their life energy. Once the energy of the 320 planets has been absorbed, the Supreme Kai exchanges most of his divine powers and succeeds in sealing the Moroccan magic. Fans believe Moreau still had great fighting power.

But Moreau was sentenced to life imprisonment after he was handed over to the galactic patrol. But it looks like he escaped, and the Galactic Patrol is looking for him. When he heard the story of Moro, Goku insisted on meeting him in person. From Vegeta they both went hunting with the galactic patrol to escape Moreau. After a few adventures they finally get the message that Moro’s location has been discovered. Goku tries to feel it, but who can compare it to Moreau’s? It turns out Moreau discovered Goku and Vegeta before they found him.



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