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Batman from above: Return of the Joker is an American animated film from 2000 about the rise of the black knight’s greatest enemy.

Directed by : Kurt Geda based on a scenario by Paul Dini, based on a story co-written with Glenn Murakami and Bruce Timm, and characters created by Bob Kane.


After an absence of forty years, The Joker (Mark Hamill) invades the estate of Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) and reveals his knowledge of Wayne’s former secret identity. The Joker almost killed his nemesis, but Batman, alias Terry McGinnis (Will Friedl), saves Wayne’s life for now.

Under Terry’s pressure to find out the truth, Commissioner Gordon (Angie Harmon) recounts the events of the night she witnessed the total destruction of the psychopathic Joker. How can a criminal clown prince still be alive? Will this inexperienced Batman take on the challenge of the Joker?

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Batman’s gone:  The return of the Joker is worthwhile for those who have enjoyed Batman Beyond, but also for those who simply love comics.  You don’t need to know Batman Beyond to see this film and enjoy it, and you’ll probably enjoy it more than the TV series because it wasn’t quite filmed. Give this film a chance and enjoy a fun comedy adventure! Cellar installations

Animation is a genre that has been underestimated and neglected for so long. Many people think that animated films are only for children, but occasionally there are films like Batman Beyond : The return of the Joker calls that belief into question. Batman from above: Return of the Joker is a surprisingly well-made animated film, full of personality, a profoundly interesting story and amazing vocal performances. Kaiju Pettis film reviews

Full of excitement, action and surprising references to Batman’s past, Batman Beyond: The return of the Joker is perhaps the best story ever told about a superhero outside the comics. The film, directed by Bruce Timm, is an essential classic in the genre that requires only a little familiarity with the Batman series itself. Directed by true Dark Knight fans who respect the character of Batman fans everywhere. DoBlu

The Joker presented a fascinating and exciting story. I wouldn’t put it on the same level as the best Batman stories of the past, but the plot moves at a good pace and most twists and turns aren’t done too badly. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to see where things go after a while – even with my ignorance of the universe beyond – but the story is well done, and that kept me sharp. DVD guide

To say Batman’s here: The return of the Joker is one of the biggest entries in the DCAU, which is a bit undersized. Made during DC Animation’s infamous Golden Age, the film is still considered one of the studio’s most original works 20 years later, bringing beloved cartoon characters in strange and exciting new directions while providing great entertainment value. A dizzying myth

Get ready for breathtaking action, amazing adventures and stunning revelations in Batman Beyond: The Joker’s back. Very poor digestion

The Flashback Joker is a bit reworked from the original design of the Batman anime series and does pretty well. But the resurrected Joker doesn’t look so good […] There’s a hole in the conspiracy here and there, but nothing that seriously diminishes the fun of the film. All in all, this film may not be a must-see for all bat lovers, but I think most will enjoy it. Morgan through the media


Batman’s gone: The return of the Joker is perhaps the darkest portrait of the character in the cartoon gun. In his first scene, he kills a teenager with a gun. And that’s not even a hint of how he got through to Batman. There is a real threat to the Joker, and it has nothing to do with taking over an Akira-like satellite that could destroy an entire city. Blog of the film

…if you’re a fan of the Caped Crusader, it’s a better investment than most Batman shows. If you have enjoyed some of the other full Batman productions from this animation team, this should not be an exception. Those who don’t know the world of Batman Beyond may be a little confused at first, but the film itself is surprisingly good and relies little on what you know about the characters in the series. I need coffee.

The Return of the Joker is not only the best of the Batman Beyond universe, but it is also well known to fans of the original Batman anime series, because it has the same characters as the series and all the voice actors […] For the fans it is an amazing series of revelations and made with intelligence and even a little emotion, making it a must for anyone who loves the DC anime universe. Qwipster’s film reviews


Batman from above: The Return of the Joker was rated PG-13 for violence by the MPAA, the first Batman animation film to receive such a rating. The film was released shortly before its release on the 12th. December 2000 revised again to reduce the level of violence caused by the response to violence in films and video games after the Columbine High School massacre. However, the original and full version was published on the 23rd. April 2002 released after an online petition signed by fans.


The actors and characters:

Will Friedl… Terry McGinnis / Batman (voice)
Kevin Conroy … Bruce Wayne (voice)
Mark Hamill … The Joker (voice)
Angie Harmon … Barbara Gordon (voice)
Dean Stockwell … Tim Drake (Voices)
Teri Garr … Mary McGinnis (voice)
Arlene Sorkin . Harley Quinn (voice-over)
Tara Strong… Batgirl (voice-over)
Matthew Valencia … Robin (Voices)
Melissa Joan Hart … Dee Dee (Voices)
Don Harvey … Chucko (voice-over)
Michael Rosenbaum . Ghoul (Voices)
Frank Welker … Woof (voice-over)
Henry Rollins … Bonk (Voices)
Rachel Leigh Cook … Chelsea (singing) (as Rachel Leigh Cook)
Ryan O’Donoghue … Matt McGinnis (hon. member)
Lauren Tom … Dana Tan (voice-over)
Verne Watson … Ms. Carr (voice-over) (as Vernie Watson) …
Mark Jonathan Davis… W.R. Newsman (voice-over)
Mary Scheer … Mrs Tim Drake (voice-over)
Andrea Romano . Smiling boy (Voices)
Bruce Timm … The Guardian (voice-over).

This post is dedicated to Dylan, the young child prodigy, who spent many happy hours on screen with Batman.


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