As we approach the end of Smallville, we stop by the premiere of Savior Season 9, where we meet another Kryptonian from the pages of the comic book. As several residents of Lost Kandor have become clones of Orb, most of them are loyal soldiers who served under Major Zod: one of them is Baskat, represented by Adrian Holmes, the right-hand man of the future Kryptonian dictator. Baskat sincerely believes that Zod wants the best for the Kryptonians, and when he finds out that his leader has killed Faora, he turns against him and leads the other Kandorians in his place. In the comics, Baskat is not exactly the type of soldier, but rather an outlaw. Let’s go over it together.

Baskat was born on the most advanced and developed planet in the galaxy, but tragically he could not benefit from the science, technology or civil rights that were denied him from birth. He was born on Krypton, but he was not a Kryptonian: He lived in Kandor City, where he and other non-Kis were isolated and persecuted by a xenophobic regime that treated all those lucky enough to be born Kryptonians well and excluded everyone else from civil society. But Bascat did not give in to tyranny: He was a fighter, and he fought for what he believed in. Knowing that freedom and equality would not be granted peacefully, Baskat gathered other non-Ks ready for battle and recruited them to a plate the Kryptonians had set aside for their kind: Pila, Shire, and Mamot were his closest allies, and together they formed a group of guerrillas who waged an asymmetrical war against Kandor’s xenophobic laws. These warriors were as close as brothers, united by a thirst for justice and a belief in Superman, the legendary saving deity who watched over Kandor from heaven and who would no doubt look favorably on their legitimate crusade. Baskat and his men made a name for themselves and became a popular target of Kandor public opinion and law enforcement, especially aggressive xenophobes like Sergeant Preuss. Bascat was a man of ideals, and his men followed him because they believed in the purity of his actions and motives … But he was also a pragmatic man, and when Preuss offered him a punch in exchange for a good reward and a truce with the police, he accepted the offer, which was directed at a stranger who apparently didn’t even know who he was anymore. Of course, he told his followers that their goal is the enemy of the cause: pragmatic motives are not as effective as ideological motives.

The heather was a lot more complex than I expected: Not only was the man assisted by Lila, a non-C with hypnotic powers, but he himself was incredible. The man fled the bikers as soon as a single ray of sunlight hit him, showing incredible skill. He destroyed the bike with lasers fired from his eyes, and even flew away when Baskat grabbed him and threw him out of the building. On the way back to the building, the man grabbed Baskat and, unable to contain himself, fell beside him. They both fainted, , and when the biker woke up, his target was gone…. But as he reassured his men, he knew where he was hiding, for he recognized Lila, the woman who was with him. However, the second fight went the same way as the first, and the gang finally realized that something was wrong with the mission: They angrily confronted Baskat and he admitted that the mission had nothing to do with the release and that it was a paid mission. When it became apparent that Sergeant Preuss and his men were also pursuing their objective, the bikers convinced the Baskat to switch sides and protect the man….. But everything went wrong in the fight that followed, and the man saved the lives of his attackers. He regained his memory and introduced himself as Kal-El, the last son of Krypton… Superman. Shocked by the presence of their god, Baskat and others, they visited Superman and showed him the injustice that non-ki suffers every day. Superman admitted that he hadn’t visited Candor in a century, and a lot had changed. Unfortunately, he’s still wanted for murder, a crime for which he was swindled by Lila, who stole his powers and left Kandor… Who apparently existed in a bottle, reduced to alien warlord Brainiac. Superman wanted to use Kelex’s leadership to follow her alone and make amends, but Baskat insisted that he and his gang would help him: On the one hand, they owed him gratitude for hunting him, but on the other hand, if there was a world where they weren’t marginalized by their race, it was their right to see him….

Basqat – Who’s Who

Baskat is a man of ideals, a charismatic leader who fights for justice, freedom and equal rights for all Kryptonians… but who also knows that revolutions don’t pay, and is willing to make uncomfortable compromises to protect his people and fund his crusade. As the leader of a Kryptonian guerrilla motorcycle gang, he is an experienced fighter, a phenomenal biker, and a master of multiple weapons; he also possesses superhuman strength and endurance. Baskat has suffered injustice, marginalization and racism his entire life, and unlike many men who have resigned themselves to bowing their heads, he will fight to the death to achieve what is right for his people: The franchise will be a paradise for everyone, or no one.


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