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Annie Guest: Now and then

Annie Guest: Now and then

Celebrity then and now
Release : . Published on Lexie Schwartz.

Annie Guest: Now and then

Celebrities from past and present.

Publication :
Published on Lexie Schwartz

Annie Guest: Now and then





daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest.

Net value:
$35 million.

Currently known:
Dance teacher

Famous years:
2014 – Today

Date of birth:
13. December 1986




…known as
daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest.



35 million dollars.



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A marriage that lasts more than 30 years is a long time for everyone, but especially in Hollywood, where it seems an achievement to do it in just a few years. One of those long-standing couples, between Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest. Curtis is of course known for his roles in films like Halloween, Freaky Friday and True Lies.

If you are interested in comedies related to fake documentaries (or, if you prefer, with mockery), you should be a well-known name for the guests. Finally, he has participated in some of the most remarkable films, including This Dorsal Tap, as well as other successful films such as Princess Bride, Night at the Museum: The Battle of the Smithsonian and Best in Show.

Curtis and Guest met at the beginning of 1984 and in December of that year, just five months after the meeting, they made the pact for life. Although they didn’t know each other very long, they were successful and are still married. Along the way, Curtis and Guest adopted two children, the first of which is Annie, born in December 1986.

Throughout the pregnancy, Curtis and Guest were in constant contact with their parents. When the birth took place, the couple were in their holiday home in Idaho. We woke up in the middle of the night when we got the call that he’d been born, Curtis said. When she first held Annie in her arms, she threw up when she saw me. She turned around, looked at me and (cried).

At that time, Curtis was separated from his father, Tony Curtis, and the birth of their adopted daughter helped reconcile them. On my 30th birthday. On my birthday, I called my dad, Curtis told me. He hasn’t seen Annie since she was eight weeks old, and now she’s two weeks old. I thought it was time… …and we got better. We’re all here together.

Speaking of adoption: According to Curtis, adoption is a very difficult path, full of incredibly emotional and complex issues. Actually, adoption is a loss. She is the one who needs good support for everyone, so that everything is clear about the feelings that each of them evokes. Birthdays, for example, are very difficult for foster children. For everyone else it is a celebration of the moment of birth, and for adopted children it is a reminder of a family they don’t have. So it’s a difficult area, but it’s still a great opportunity to start a family. You really need to be open to all parties.

While Curtis would follow in his parents’ footsteps in the entertainment industry, the same cannot be said of the most private guest, Annie, who is not in the cinema (nor does she try to) like many other famous children. In fact, his only merit in this film is the 2006 film At Your Discretion, in which both his parents were filmed. In the film she is mentioned as a personal assistant, so she didn’t even appear in front of the camera.

However, the fact that she was very withdrawn does not mean that she was not seen, because the guest appeared several times with her parents on the red carpet. She has a very close relationship with her mother, because since Curtis has been in the online world she is not only seen on the streets, but also in social networks.

But the guest falls into one of the forms of entertainment, namely dance. The guest taught this dance to young girls in various places, from tap to hip-hop, and was also the director of a dance school. The guest would have received a dance diploma from Kenyon College and would have wanted to apply as a choreographer at the time.

For the past two years, the guest has hardly put himself in the spotlight. Her page is no longer on the list of dance school directors she worked with, nor on social networking sites. Guests don’t even appear in their mother’s social media accounts as often as they used to.

The guests are now 31 years old and few people know what she has been doing for the past two years. 2016 seemed like a pretty busy year for her career and she spent many unforgettable moments with her family, but since then little has been noticed. It is quite possible that she has been able to make use of the privacy that only a few A-Stars children have, which is certainly understandable.

As for his famous mother, Jamie Lee Curtis is definitely busy. Since appearing on recent television shows such as Scream Queens and The New Girl, Curtis has starred in many upcoming films, including the Halloween re-enactment of Laurie Strode, which was his lead role and was released years before Annie was born. She also works on several other films, including Pages, Senior Entourage and Spikhoz.



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