With a taste of 80’s it easily resembles some of the best comedies of the transition to adulthood of time.


A group of teenagers graduates from high school, but only receives letters of refusal from the university. They create their own fake university to fool their parents, without realizing that they have accidentally lured hundreds of other children to their fake university.

Revision :

Bartleby (Justin Long, in a very tempting performance), a normal student with a truly creative and innovative mind, gets rejection letters from every university he signs up at, and under pressure from his parents to go to university, he and his friend Sherman (Jonah Hill in a hilarious leading role) create a website for a fake university that magically accepts Bartleby. This reassures his parents, and with a $10,000 check from his father, Bartleby and his buddies rent an abandoned mental hospital to complete the illusion. They even hire a borderline madman who used to be a teacher (played by a nervous Lewis Black) to pretend to be the dean of the school in case Bartleby’s parents want to go to the school to talk to the dean. Because Bartleby’s friends have also been admitted to the fake school, they have an easy life for a day or two, until suddenly and totally unexpectedly hundreds of other children in the same situation as Bartleby appear on campus claiming to have been admitted to their school because of a malfunction on the website. With literally a million dollars’ worth of tuition paid by all these boring but hopeful students, Bartleby must try to take full advantage of his lies, so he has to struggle to create a curriculum while taking all the heavy lifting that comes with running a school built on lies in every way. His nemesis manifests itself in the form of an accomplice sent by a neighbouring university to buy back the property and make way for a massive expansion of the university. When they discover Bartleby’s school is fake, they force him to get an accreditation from the State Accreditation Office or he is forced to close. Bartleby and his team – including an old snitch friend (played by Blake Lively) – have to go before the Council of State and try to convince them that their school is indeed a real place of learning and deserves to become an accredited institution.

Revenge of the Nerds updated in the 2000s, Accepted is more fun and entertaining than you might think, thanks to a clever script and brilliant direction by Steve Pink (Grosse Point Blank), and the excellent performance of all the main characters. Without ever giving in to the temptation of dark humour, he clings to the PG-13 category, but there’s never a moment in the film that it feels like he’s been compromised because of his ranking. Star Long is a combination of Michael J. K. Kerry and Michael J. Kerry in his early days. Fox with an early Keanu Reeves with his winning personality, approach and panache, and the film works mainly because he is so good at it. With a taste of 80’s it easily resembles some of the best comedies of the transition to adulthood of time.

Mill Creek’s new Blu-ray version of Mill Creek Accepted marks the beginning of high definition filmmaking and brings all feature films from Universal to DVD, including deleted scenes, a gag reel, makeup, audio commentary and more.

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