What questions would you ask your new SEO specialist? What to do if you want to hire a professional.

Do you need a specialist who is perfectly versed in search engine optimization? Then you are spoiled for choice: whether consultant, agency or employee, in any case your choice should fall on the candidate with the best qualifications. In practice, however, it is not that easy for the layperson to check. That is why we have compiled the most important questions for you that you can ask the candidates in order to find out more about them and their know-how.

The general attitude towards SEO

question Understanding
Which blog do you prefer and why? In this way, you will find out what the candidate is concentrating on and whether he is continuously developing.
Tell me about your worst crisis and how you dealt with it. Find out how he deals with stress and pressure.
Explain to your grandmother what SEO is. At this point you can see whether he understands SEO so deeply that he can easily explain it to laypeople.
What is your experience of working in a large group? What would you do differently today? This question provides an insight into how the candidate fits into groups and builds relationships.
How would you bring the value of search engine optimization to the iamdigitalninja seo company in delhi? Is he able to adapt his messages to the target group?
How would you deal with it if, despite the company’s best efforts, it did not succeed? Here you can find out whether the SEO professional takes responsibility for mistakes or puts the blame on others.

Test technical knowledge

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Explain how search engines work and how new pages are indexed! The applicant can show that they understand the basic process by which search engines work.
Show us an example of what your SEO work looked like in the past. Concrete results are the best example of know-how.
When do you think keyword research should be done in the SEO process? The best answer is here: Before the concept is finalized, because the keywords sometimes indicate the direction for the development of the content.
Which SEO tool do you prefer and why? Here you can find out whether the candidate is familiar with common SEO tools and can use them.
Which 5 factors are most important for increasing the ranking? Various answers can be correct here. The important thing is: Can the candidate justify his personal ranking?
When do you use 301 and 302 redirects on websites? Specialists should know the difference and know that 301 redirect is a good way to safely circumvent domain transfers or changes in taxonomy.
Where do you place search engine optimization in the marketing mix? Does the candidate realize that SEO has to go hand in hand with other marketing activities and is an important part of it?
When is the right time for SEO? Good answers would be: “Before the website goes live” or “During the conception of a relaunch”.

Focus on results

question Understanding
How do you know if your SEO program is successful? The applicant should not only know the standard metrics such as (unique) visitors or conversions, but also be able to measure internal success.
How do you prioritize each day to determine what to work on next? Since SEOs often work independently, it is particularly important that they can organize and motivate themselves.
Do you show which metrics you would use to measure the success of your activities? The candidate should now be able to show that they can measure success, track goals, and place them in the larger context of the entire company.

Of course, you don’t have to actually ask each of these questions. Think about what is most relevant for your company and limit yourself to these questions – they too will give you a good picture of the candidate.

everything is very well and good, to the seo conversation you should at least bring enough knowledge with you that no X for a U can be shown.

For me, the questions point towards the job interview, to sort applicants and to separate the wheat from the chaff. but to hire an agency the questions are a bit strange. As an agency, I would simply not or indefinitely answer many questions and consider whether this potential client is serious or just causes trouble in the long run.
In order to be able to evaluate the answers to the above questions, you have to have a fairly deep knowledge in order to be able to judge whether the applicant knows what he / she is doing. and which website owner, who is busy with many tasks and problems, has time to be interested in highly specialized blogs and forums and technical matters.
I am definitely right about one thing – it is more than difficult to find out who you should be working with – and what interests are actually present in the other person.
There is only one thing that helps, and not only with SEO – be almost as good or even better educated than the person opposite, learn to listen, to read between the lines or to ask yourself the right questions.


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