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Police Constable Killer… damn term…

10 by Midnight is an American thriller from 1983 about a bitter detective and his debut partner on the trail of a young psychopathic male killer.

Directed by J. Lee Thompson (Death Wish 4: Defeat; Happy Birthday to Me; Reincarnation of Peter Pride; Devil’s Eye; Cape Fear) after a scenario by William Roberts (The Last American Hero; Red Sun; The Magnificent Seven) from J.K. Rowling’s novel. Lee Thompson (not credited). Produced by Lance Hul and Pancho Koner for Golan and the Globe.

The Cannon Group consists of Charles Bronson (Death Wish franchise), Lisa Eilbacher (Beverly Hills Cop; This House is Possessed; Bad Ronald), Andrew Stevens (Mongolian Death Worm; Scared Stiff; Seduction; Fury), Gene Davis (Shark Swarm; Nostradamus; Relic) and Jeffrey Lewis (Disturbed; Salem’s Lot; The Human Experiment).

The soundtrack was composed by Robert O. Ragland (Alien from the Deep; Deep Space; Evil of the Night; In: The Winged Serpent; Grizzly; Abby; The Thing with Two Heads; A Touch of Satan).


Leo Kessler (Charles Bronson) is a cynical Los Angeles agent on the trail of Warren Stacy (Gene Davis), a homicidal maniac who turns the rejection of beautiful women into the ultimate means of revenge. When the justice system releases Stacey, Kessler makes up evidence to put him behind bars for good. But Kessler’s plan didn’t work out, so he only had one option: Stacy herself… before the mad killer can strike again!


By successfully combining a number of elements from the eighties films and similar genres, 10 to Midnight is able to paint a much larger canvas than the average film of my decade. As such, it is one of the most intriguing genre films of the decade…. Elite actions

Is it a good movie? No, not really. Entertainment to watch? Without a doubt. 10 to midnight is a filthy exploitative film with graphic violence, gratuitous nudity and a message to do whatever it takes to get the scum off the streets. This is not possible in today’s enlightened climate. Aisle mushroom

Bronson is a tired but determined police hero, and Gene Davies is an absolutely bloodthirsty psychopath, as narcissistic as he is perverse. If they clash at the climax of the film, that is the case with the legend of the B-movie. All in all, 10 to midnight may be too explosive and macabre for sensitive viewers, but Bronson and thriller fans will skillfully appreciate the cheap thrill. AllMovie

The unstoppable police routine remains exciting, as star Charles Bronson does what he does best: track down the bad guys. But under the obvious misery and police procedure here is something more interesting going on with director J.K. Rowling and the other two directors. Lee Thompson, who goes into the fierce darkness to find an opponent worthy of his hero and who, interestingly enough, is not such a noble man himself. Blu-ray.com.

Often insulting, often convincing, Bronson takes on a sadistic, naked killer who has a penchant for defusing women and stops at nothing to finish him off. This trashy quasi-horror movie is not for the weak. It brilliantly balances exploitation and exposure and then blows your mind with one of the most shocking action films of all time. Cool cinema @ss


From 10 p.m. to midnight is a great thriller of the 80s in which Charles Bronson finds himself on the trail of a serial killer who undresses to kill a sexy woman. It also has one of the coolest endings we’ve ever seen. This ’80s special is also a bit old-fashioned, but the good outweighs the bad here. It’s just a big movie. The Horror Club.

From 10 p.m. to midnight there is skilful commerce, but it barely masks the sado-sexual voyeurism that hides behind a cheap morality, which only makes this position doubly hypocritical. Bronson has, as always, both the physiognomy and the expressiveness of a stone wall. It’s also hard to believe that J.J. could have gone from 10:00 to midnight. Lee Thompson, the same director who directed the brilliant Cape Fear, which has become the model for many contemporary psychological thrillers. Moria

J. Lee Thompson is an expert in the art of pressing these buttons, although I’m not sure of the skill or art they use. Much of the effectiveness from 10 to midnight lies in the raw simplicity; the well worn out structure plays like a folk tale where the details can change from one story to another, but the overall goal remains the same. Murphy’s law meets Death Wish II. You can remember it like it’s 10 to midnight. Pink smoke

Is 10:00 to midnight a chauvinistic quickie in his attitude towards fair sex? Of course she is. Go on. It is also a dynamic conversation, refreshingly frank and daring to step away from the crowd. The discreetly boring ending is a relief, saying everything that needs to be said without surrendering to boring rules and regulations. Wedding rivers

It’s a sneaky little sewer in a movie, a cesspool that sadistically lingers over the shots of a terrifying killer who murders helpless women, and then is shameless enough to end with a call for law and order. People who did ten before midnight have every right to be ashamed – and so does Charles Bronson…… Including. Roger Ebert

We’re supposed to think the law is an asshole, but what you really think is that if Kessler had followed the right procedure, they would have gotten their man anyway, and in fact it’s his fault that Warren was released so he could commit more murders. Not enough excitement, and most of them in the last 20 minutes…. Rotate the image

10:00 to midnight is one of Chuck’s best moments. An unbeatable classic that will cheer you up and bring great moments to Bronson fans. The place where Chuck planted the murder evidence? It’s priceless. The scene where Chuck walks into the cafeteria and says I hate quiche! That’s amazing. Vacuum for video


Leo Kessler (Charles Bronson): I hate quiche! …and coleslaw makes me sick.

Lori Kessler (Lisa Eilbacher): Dad, you don’t understand. Alcohol is the most effective sedative I know.

Leo Kessler (Charles Bronson): Given the way the law protects these larvae, one would think that they are threatened with extinction.

A topical question:

The collector’s edition Blu-ray 10 to Midnight comes out on the 22nd. January 2019 published by Scream Factory. Joel Robinson made the new cover design, while the original poster is visible on the back.


The actors and characters:

Charles Bronson… Leo Kessler
Lisa Eilbacher… Lori Kessler
Andrew Stevens… Paul McAnn
Gene Davis… Warren Stacey
Jeffrey Lewis… Dave Dante
Wilford Brimley… Captain Malone
Robert F… Lyons Nathan Sawyer (as Robert Lyons)
Burt Williams. Mr. Johnson
Willow Lane… rabbit
ola ray… Ola
Kelly Preston… Doreen (as Kelly Pelzis)
Cosy Costa … Dudley
Paul McCallum… lab tech
gina keogh… Karen (as Gina Tomasina)
June Gilbert … Betty
Arthur Hansel… Judge
Sam Chu Jr. … Minister (as Sam Chu)
Katrina Parish … Tina
Sean Shepps… Inch
Sidna Scott… Ms. Johnson
Barbara Pilavin… Mrs. Byrd
Bo Billingslea… Sergeant
James Keene… Jerry
Jerome Thor… Medical researcher
Breck Costin… Tim Bailey
Carmen Philpy… Employee of Hotel
Deran Sarafian… Dale Anders
Gene Manson… Margot
Lynette Harrison… Ticket Girl
Neil Fleming… Young man
John Garwood… Millican
shay duffin… Nestor
Daniel Ades… Ben Left
Cynthia Rams… Whore (as Cynthia Rams)
Kyle Edward Cranston… party intern…
Beth Reinglass… Office girl
Monica Ekblad … Second daughter of office
Patti Tippo… Party girls
Ann Lockhart … Murder victim (not credited)
Ron Preston… Plumbing (not credited)
Kyle J. Kyle. Wooden Medical Student (not accredited)

Technical data:

101 min
Aspect Ratio : 1.85 : 1
Audio : Mono


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